I Am the Source of Darkness, Causing Chaos in the Eternal Heavens

Chapter 20 - Seeking Vengeance for an Eighty-Thousand-Year-Old Event, Inviting to a Banquet
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Chapter 20 Seeking Vengeance for an Eighty-Thousand-Year-Old Event, Inviting to a Banquet

“You’re asking for trouble.”

Xiao Yan stepped forward, his eyes calm yet cold, his mind racing with countless ways to kill the young man in fine clothes before him.

“Xiao Yan, you…”

Xiao Hongdou hadn’t expected her younger brother to stand up at this moment, her face immediately filled with worry and tension.

In her eyes, Xiao Yan had just recovered from his illness and had never been exposed to cultivation since childhood.

How could he possibly be a match for Song Tian and his gang?

“Sister, don’t worry,” Xiao Yan said calmly.

Just then, a distant screeching sound echoed, shaking the long street.

Several terrifyingly powerful beasts, their scales gleaming, were charging towards them.


The next moment, the sky split open as a black flash, swift as thunder, pierced through the unprepared young man, Song Tian, with a swift “pfft.”

The man holding the spear flicked his wrist, causing Song Tian’s body to explode into a mist of blood.

“Young master…”

Song Tian’s servants were left dumbfounded by the sudden violent scene before them.

Nearby cultivators, who had been expecting to watch a good show, were equally shocked, frozen in place with unprecedented astonishment.

Nanque Sacred City had a ban on fighting, with powerful cultivators patrolling everywhere.

“That’s… the third young master of the City Lord’s Mansion, Zhao Hao… Young Master Zhao…”

Someone recognized a figure riding one of the beasts, further shocking the crowd.

Xiao Hongdou’s eyes widened in disbelief, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“What the fuck”

The spear-wielding man on the beast was a cold-faced black-clad man, his eyes devoid of emotion.

Anyone who saw him would turn pale and tremble, as if faced with a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

This black-clad man had killed countless beings, resulting in an aura of overwhelming terror.


Xiao Yan, who had been about to act, frowned slightly but quickly regained his composure, observing the newcomers.

“You… you are Lord Zhao Hao…”

Finally overcoming her fear, Xiao Hongdou recognized the glowing, handsome man on another beast.

Though she lacked much experience, she knew this was Zhao Hao, the third young master of Nanque Sacred City’s City Lord, a figure of immense prestige.

Despite growing up in Nanque Sacred City, she had only seen him from afar once.

Why would someone like Zhao Hao come here personally, and why did he seem embarrassed and awkward?

Especially in front of the black-clad man, he even seemed humble and fearful, which she found incredible.

“Brother Chu…”

Zhao Hao forced a smile, glancing at the spear-wielding black-clad man, nervously swallowing.

Despite being a powerful young Tianjiao in Nanque Sacred City, unmatched among his peers,

he felt an icy chill just now, unable to muster any resistance.

Too terrifying.

No wonder he was one of Jiang Minghan’s followers. His strength was bone-chillingly terrifying, likely capable of killing Zhao Hao as easily as squashing a chick.

“How dare he touch someone the Master is looking for from Qingxu Holy Land?”

The black-clad man named Chu merely glanced at Song Tian’s remains, as if looking at an ant, showing no concern.

He remained indifferent even to Zhao Hao.

“Y-yes, yes, I understand. This guy is definitely death.”

Zhao Hao quickly agreed, indifferent to Song Tian’s fate.

“Lord Zhao Hao…”

“And this… benefactor is?”

Xiao Hongdou hadn’t fully processed everything, unsure of the black-clad man’s identity or the master he mentioned.

But seeing Song Tian, who had harassed her, dead, she was deeply grateful.

Zhao Hao quickly smiled and explained, “Miss Hongdou, please just call me Zhao Hao. This is Chu Xuan, a follower of Jiang Minghan, the young master of the Jiang family.”

He knew Chu Xuan came from an ancient Daoist sect and was a terrifying young supreme, showing immense respect for Jiang Minghan.

“Jiang Minghan, Young Master Jiang…”

Hearing the name, Xiao Hongdou paused, finding it familiar as if she had heard it before.

Then she realized, her eyes widening in disbelief.

She stammered, unable to speak properly, “C-could it be the legendary… young master of the hidden immortal clan…”

Xiao Hongdou recalled the ancient warship from the hidden immortal clan that had arrived in Nanque Sacred City yesterday.

Realizing this, she became extremely excited, her dust-covered face turning red.

To someone like her, the young master of the hidden immortal clan was a mythical figure.

She usually only heard rumors about his brilliance, making his peers bow their heads in awe.

He was someone she could never hope to meet.

“The young master of the hidden immortal clan…”

Even Xiao Yan’s calm expression changed slightly, though he quickly regained composure.

He felt puzzled.

Why would the young master of the hidden immortal clan, someone so high above, help someone as insignificant as Xiao Hongdou, and even mention looking for people from Qingxu Holy Land?

After her excitement, Xiao Hongdou also felt puzzled.

Why would such a figure suddenly seek her out?

“Miss Hongdou, here’s the situation. Do you remember eighty thousand years ago, when a senior from Qingxu Holy Land quelled a dark turmoil? An ancestor of the Jiang family feels guilty about it…”

Seeing Xiao Hongdou’s confusion, Zhao Hao explained politely, without his usual airs as Nanque Sacred City’s young master, “Young Master Jiang came to Nanque Sacred City because of that matter. You’re incredibly fortunate.”

He couldn’t help but feel envious too.

Hearing this, Xiao Hongdou was stunned, unable to believe it, her head spinning.

It was because of something from eighty thousand years ago?

She only knew about it from her master’s occasional clear moments, when he angrily cursed those who had taken Qingxu Holy Land’s resources, ungrateful for the past kindness.

“Haha, actually, I’m here to invite Miss Hongdou to a banquet tonight at the City Lord’s Mansion. All influential figures from around will be there.”

“Rest assured, with Young Master Jiang on your side, all the grievances you’ve suffered will be addressed.”

“This news will soon spread throughout Nanque Sacred City.”

Seeing Xiao Hongdou still in a daze, Zhao Hao smiled and added.

Around them, cultivators who had gathered due to the earlier commotion were equally stunned, then exploded in excitement.

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