I am the God of Technology

Chapter 242 A Hew Horizon
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Chapter 242 A Hew Horizon

It took Dante about an hour to recuperate all his Internal Force with the supplication of energy from the vitality pools around him. By the time he was done, Aisha seemed to be undergoing the final parts of her transformation as the fire had formed a cocoon around her, and its pulsing was reaching a crescendo.

Immediately, the cocoon burst into flames that were absorbed by Aisha, revealing the woman who was within. She had changed significantly compared to before visually while he retained many aspects as well.

She had become taller, much taller, standing at what was likely six foot five inches. Her body was even thicker than before, if that was even possible, with far larger breasts and a much more rounded and protruding backside, abut all that was facilitated by the explosive muscles on the rest of her body.

It was not the masculine type of musculature but the feminine type. Very clear and detailed abs, arms that, while still retaining feminine softness, boasted a streamlined look and the faint outline of biceps.

Her skin had gone from dark brown to bright red, seeming as if lava itself coursed through them. Her temples sported two thick and curved ram-like horns while her long white hair had become pitch black in color and reached her leg.

There was a long forked tail behind her and two folded bat-like wings that could be extended for up to twice her body length on either side. Her formerly white eyes were now scarlet, and her lips were a mixture of purple and black.

As for clothes… she had none as she had just been refined by his hellfire. The entirety of her magnificent body that surpassed human imagination was exposed to him freely, allowing him to see the sheer perfection.

He felt nothing but curiosity at what she could do, and Aisha was fully aware of this. She did not bother to remain naked and formed a tight bikini-like attire from hellfire that covered her extremities.

After doing so, she smiled and walked over to Dante while kneeling down on one knee.

"Master." She greeted in a sultry tone that would make any male - and even female - have goosebumps as desire would course through their body.

"Hm, Aisha, you're different now. I sense not only a faint connection to you, but I also feel like we can communicate telepathically over long distances," Dante stated as she made circles around her to assess her current ability.

"That is correct. I was converted into a hellfire demon of the female lineage, but after the amount of pure hellfire you invested in me, I skipped many ranks in the demon world and directly rose to the position of the Lilith Demon, Queen of Lust."

Aisha smiled. "I now represent the Deadly Sin of Lust under your command."

This naturally intrigued Dante. He already knew the more he invests, the higher the output, but he did not think he could actually create a demon on par with the Seven Deadly Sins outright.

That was an extreme level of power and to have such a demon under his control could entirely change the balance of his power as well as the totality of his strength. Dante rubbed his chin and touched Aisha's abdomen on instinct.

Immediately, a strange emblem lit up in fire on her stomach, and Aisha turned into hellfire that flowed onto Dante's arm, forming a sigil on his wrist. The moment this happened, Dante received a full burst of knowledge about Aisha's status and her abilities.

As she stated, she was now an alternate form of Lilith, the Sin of Lust. As such, she could use all Lust-related demon abilities and control all Lust-related demons, including succubi and incubi.

She could even create succubi or incubi from people using her own hellfire at a very high cost to her. More importantly, she controlled the power of illusions, luring any sentient being into a lust-filled paradise where she could control their actions and thoughts.

Now that Dante had 'armed' her, he could also use these abilities, though they had little value to him. He had something better for illusions, and creating lust demons was child's play if he could create a whole Lilith clone.

As such, he released her, and she formed back into her true form. Dante observed her and noticed that she no longer had her light element superpower, at least not in this form. The Heretical Inferno transformation could be reversed, and if that happened, she would return to how she had been before.

The truth was, he didn't need to go so far. With a simple thought from Dante, Aisha physically turned back into her previous self, with her white hair and white eyes filled with her usual liveliness. She had completely regained her former self and was no longer mentally troubled.

Of course, she was completely loyal to Dante thanks to the transformation, but that alone would not have been enough to fix her. It seemed that hellfire could burn away the darkness in people, and Dante couldn't help but think about how his hellfire automatically reacted to defend him from mental attacks or pollution.

"So, how do you feel?" Dante asked finally.

"I know what you're asking, and don't worry. You are the source of my power and to some extent, my very god. I cannot lust over my god because that's blasphemy, but in terms of romantic and sexual desire, the one I will want has to have at least, 75% of your chromatics!" She said boldly with a confident smile, flinging her hand forward majestically.

Eh? So sort of like a daughter? After all, it was said that a child would mostly look for qualities in their parent of the opposite sex possessed when searching for a partner subconsciously.

The fact that Aisha did not desire him anymore but hoped the one she would desire would have some of his traits seemed similar to that. Thinking of their relationship in terms of his ability, it did seem like she had been converted from a time bomb yandere to a pseudo-daughter, or more precisely, a summoned and sentient familiar.

Whatever the case, the problem was solved. In fact, Dante even noticed that the slight health complication Aisha had was cured, meaning that the quantum poisoning was gone?

Could this be another way to cure quantum poisoning? After all, his Inferno Art was a quantum power, and it did make sense if it turned those who were converted into half-quantum beings.

However, rather than that, Dante felt it was more likely that it was because they were attached to him that they gained this benefit, rather than a feature of the power itself because at the end of the day, the magical power system was facilitated by his Quantum Entanglement superpower.

Immediately he thought of the best use for Aisha right now, but before that, if conversion could cure quantum poisoning, could he finally save those two fellows Harold and Lucian?

After all, he had already given them the memory background of those low-rank demons from the Abyss so if he turned them, they would feel it was utterly normal.

Thinking like this, he had their bodies brought here by AI bots. They had been forcefully preserved so as to slow the decay of the quantum poisoning, but they were already on their last breath, looking no different from skeletons.

In a month or two of this decelerated transformation, they would have likely become corpses. Dante decided to focus on the one who was worse off, which was Lucian.

He did the same as for Aisha, infusing all the hellfire in his 1024 dantians over. He wanted to see if he could create another deadly sin demon or if it was a one-time thing.

As for Aisha, she watched from the side with a sultry smile. She did not feel jealous nor care that another like her might come… in fact, she rather looked forward to it!

Only when all seven of the deadly sins were gathered could they unleash their full power and establish Dante as the True Lord of Hell!

While Dante recuperated, Lucian underwent the same process as Aisha did and was in the cocoon for slightly over an hour before bursting out. Unlike what Dante expected, even though he had the same red skin, his horns were on his forehead, and his body was slightly shorter than Aisha at six foot four.

He was very muscular and well-built, but not overly so. Rather, he looked like a pompous young master of the demon race, and his physical features had been enhanced to their peak. Just the disdainful look in his eyes toward everything except Dante was telling of what sin he had become.

Then he made Lucian, who was confused to be alive again, stand by the side while Aisha filled him in and dealt with Harold while recuperating. Harold also took the same amount of time to transform, and when he came out, he surprised the trio here.𝘧𝑟𝓮𝓮𝓌𝑒𝘣𝘯ℴ𝑣𝘦𝓵.𝒸ℴ𝑚

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