I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 868: The trembling of the immortal kings, does it mean that he would calm down for hundreds of years?
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Chapter 868: The trembling of the immortal kings, does it mean that he would calm down for hundreds of years?

The presence of the true immortal emanated like a vast sea, carrying an overwhelming pressure transmitted from the heavens. The ancient true immortal from Ming Palace, dressed in gray attire, exuded an air of antiquity.

Despite his weathered appearance, the aura he exuded left everyone in front of the ancient city of Zhenjie frightened, prompting them to pay the utmost respect.

Behind him, the remainder of Ming Palace’s entourage swiftly crossed the chaotic storm and approached. Two other silent older men in the group were surrounded by immortal energy, their strength no less formidable than that of the speaker.

An edict from the King Ming of a foreign land?

The expressions of the powerhouses who sat cross-legged in front of the ancient city of Zhenjie turned severe. Though they guarded the city, they were not opponents of true immortals. In the Central Immortal Domain families, true immortals were revered ancestors rarely revealed to the public.

The news that the visitors hailed from a foreign land under the decree of King Ming added a layer of gravity. King Ming was a formidable figure, notorious for defeating several fierce and mighty immortal kings in the foreign lands. Even in the Central Immortal Domain, immortal kings feared him and dared not underestimate his prowess.

Initially intending to halt the group, the defenders hesitated upon learning about King Ming’s involvement. They promptly rose and approached the ancient city of Zhenjie to welcome them.

“This is the decree of the ancestors of my Ming clan,” declared the leading true immortal, wasting no time and presenting the decree.

The Immortal King’s majesty permeated the air, causing a drastic change in the complexions of those in front. Their souls quivered, and their skin seemed on the verge of exploding.

“We’ll pass on the news to King Luo’s mansion,” a dignified powerhouse ordered, instructing the opening of the gates of the Zhenjie ancient city.

As everyone was allowed to proceed, the news of the foreign delegation’s arrival would be relayed to King Luo’s Mansion.

In an era where immortal domains struggled to protect themselves, their strength was insufficient to contend with foreign lands, leading to inevitable friction and occasional wars.

When faced with such situations, the Immortal Domain would retreat promptly, avoiding confrontations with foreign lands. Additionally, foreign lands had not experienced the taboo era’s battles, and their preserved peak combat power differed from the current strength of immortal domains.

“This matter is of great importance. I will meet King Luo in person. There isn’t much time to lose,” declared the True Immortal from the Ming Mansion.

Expressing a sense of urgency, he sought to bypass unnecessary delays and requested guidance to King Luo Mansion’s territory.

Ming Yi and her entourage followed the local powerhouses into the ancient city of Zhenjie, officially stepping into the territory of the Central Immortal Domain. Even when dealing with foreign creatures, the environmental difference inside the town was less oppressive.

They speculated that several immortal kings in the Central Immortal Domain contributed to this, exerting control over the heavens and earth.

“Please take us to the teleportation altar in this city. Don’t waste time on the way. What we want to convey to King Luo this time is related to the fate of the Immortal Domain and the Foreign Realm,” Ming Yi urged.

She was beautiful, tall and slender, with long silver hair resembling moonlight. Rarely displaying a cautious expression on her typically cold face, Ming Yi clarified her desire to expedite proceedings, emphasizing the significance of their message.

Ming Yi’s words struck a chord with the leading powerhouses. They understood the gravity of the situation and did not believe that Ming Yi and her group would deceive them at this critical juncture, especially considering their origin in a foreign land.

“It’s about fate…” Ming Yi continued, prompting a change in the complexions of the leading powerhouses.

They realized that Ming Yi and her group were not engaging in idle talk; otherwise, they wouldn’t have traveled from a foreign land for such matters. 𝐟r𝗲𝚎𝚠e𝐛no𝘃𝗲𝐥.c𝗼m

Evidently, the foreign creatures were risking their lives, a fact not lost on the powerhouses who escorted Ming Yi and her group to the teleportation altar in the ancient city of Zhenjie. This altar held the power to transport them directly to the depths of the Central Immortal Domain.

As brilliance burst forth, the space above the ancient altar rippled with fluctuations, and soon Ming Yi and her party vanished from sight.

“I heard that in the Western Immortal Domain, only King Ming escaped. The other four immortal kings all died tragically, encountering the taboo existence in the rumors. If that matter is really involved, it will be an unimaginable disaster for both the immortal domain and the foreign land,” remarked the powerhouses left behind, their expressions grave.

Ming Yi and her companions’ intentions were discerned from their words, heightening the seriousness of the situation.

Shortly after Ming Yi’s departure, another wave of fluctuations in the chaotic storm signaled the arrival of numerous powerful auras. Divine lights fell, parting the messy storm and extending a pathway to the ancient city of the town boundary.

“That’s from the Southern Immortal Domain…” the powerhouses exclaimed.

The unexpected influx of visitors indicated meaningful discussions with the Immortal King of the Central Immortal Domain were underway.

In the current Immortal Territory, the Western Immortal Domain had already fallen to foreign lands, reduced to a desolate wasteland after the tragic demise of its four immortal kings.

While the rest of the Eastern and Northern Immortal Domains combined were formidable, they were still overshadowed by the Central Immortal Domain’s power. Thus, it wasn’t surprising for representatives from other realms to negotiate here. However, the sudden arrival of envoys from the Southern Immortal Domain raised questions.

“Give way quickly. I have important matters to discuss with many immortal kings in the Immortal Domain,” declared Bai Chuan, astride a silver-white Pegasus.

Descending on the road of Heavenly Dao-building expert, he approached the ancient city of Zhenjie. The silver-white celestial horses under his command exuded the strength of the true immortal realm, surrounded by potent immortal energy, radiating power and distinction.

A quasi-immortal king.

The powerhouses guarding the ancient city of Zhenjie were visibly overwhelmed by Bai Chuan’s formidable aura, their expressions changing drastically.

Bai Chuan’s arrival, considered invincible under the Immortal King, left the powerhouses guarding the ancient city of Zhenjie with fear. They dared not impede his progress and quickly made way.

“I’m afraid something terrible is about to happen… It’s not just the sky that has changed; the immortal domain will change today,” voiced one of the trembling powerhouses.

Despite their years of dominion before the Zhenjie ancient city, their usually cold and stubborn hearts were now quivering with an inexplicable fear.

“If the events from countless epochs ago repeat themselves, it would be a terrible catastrophe for the current Immortal Domain. Who can stop it?” contemplated another, panic and despair surfacing on their faces. Some began to understand the urgency behind the actions of those in foreign lands.

In the city of Luo Wang, a renowned immortal ancient town nestled in the depths of the Central Immortal Domain, the scene was vibrant and majestic. Spanning the universe, the city exuded grandeur, surrounded by vast chaotic energy and floating in the deep sky like a colossal star. Stars as small as grains of sand, adorned the vicinity, and the city gate stood like a pillar supporting the sky.

Several epochs ago, King Luo, a rising star, ascended to become the Immortal King in just over 20 million years. His rule spanned several generations, with creatures of various races thriving under his governance.

During this time, he hosted grand birthday celebrations, invited friends from all walks of life, and even drew real-bodied visits from other immortal kings to discuss the Dao in Luo Wang City.

The sound of the Dao-building expert echoed for hundreds of millions of miles, with golden lotuses blooming in the sky and clear springs gushing from the ground, benefiting all cultivators and souls. While the city could accommodate countless beings, only the faithful clan members of Luo Wang Mansion were permitted to enter its inner sanctum.

The scene was lively, with ancient chariots traversing the universe and representatives of various races presenting congratulatory gifts to King Luo. At the heart of the immortal city stood a grand mansion shrouded in immortal fog and radiating unimaginable splendor.

It seemed to be the center of the universe, enveloped in the brilliance of hundreds of millions of years, surrounded by the heavenly Dao-building expert, with boundless laws converging like a galaxy waterfall. This was the residence of a generation of King Luo, housing the actual body of the Immortal King.

In the depths of his mansion, surrounded by several peer Immortal Kings, King Luo sat in contemplation, suppressing the Dao-building expert, causing the surrounding laws to tremble. An array of celestial delicacies adorned the space before them as they engaged in a discussion.

Lying on a futon beside King Luo, a figure spoke, its form hazy and indistinct – the senior Immortal King of the Wang family. His calm voice held a detached aura devoid of the ravages of time.

“Restlessness pervades me recently. Do you, too, experience such a state of mind?” he inquired.

“The celestial phenomena are changing, the Dao-building expert is in disarray, and even the laws of the Dao of Heaven are dissipating. It’s a bad omen,” added another Immortal King, appearing youthful but with a profound gaze revealing his ancient nature.

“This upheaval may signal the return of those figures entwined with reincarnation. The prophesied reappearance of the epoch tree, maturation of the Dao fruit, and the emergence of the hidden six realms of reincarnation might be upon us,” elaborated the third Immortal King, who seemed youthful but bore the weight of untold years.

Discussing a recent occurrence in his clan, a fourth Immortal King recounted how a young genius awakened memories, radiating an extraordinary soul light that nearly harmed those attempting to investigate.

The revelation left the assembled Immortal Kings in contemplative silence. Despite varying emotions, a collective sense of discontent pervaded their thoughts. They felt constrained by the fabric of existence, yearning to surpass their limits and explore uncharted realms.

Meanwhile, outside King Luo’s city, several divine lights descended, cutting through the universe and swiftly approaching. The individuals in front of the ancient town of Zhenjie promptly conveyed urgent news.

“Master Luo Wang, there is a message from the ancient city of the town,” reported two Dao boys, true immortals and King Luo’s attendants, waiting at the mansion entrance.

Taking the immortal slips from them, King Luo scanned the contents, his complexion shifting. An air of uncertainty enveloped him, prompting the other Immortal Kings to inquire. They were intrigued by the emotions reflected on King Luo’s face.

The kings, perched atop the immortal domain, displayed expressions rarely seen. What worldly matter could evoke such reactions from these eminent beings?

See for yourself.

King Luo’s face shifted, veiled in uncertainty and a hint of unnoticed fear. He passed the immortal slip to the other Immortal Kings as he spoke.

Upon reading the contents, the kings’ initially calm and composed faces changed simultaneously. Some even rose abruptly, their disbelief palpable.

“How can this be?” exclaimed one Immortal King, a childlike figure shrouded in chaotic mist, his pupils contracting in disbelief.

“Didn’t a fellow Daoist deduce last time that he would not reappear in the immortal domain for hundreds of years? The origin of the four foreign immortal kings should have been sufficient to placate him for a while,” another Immortal King tried to reason, though his words betrayed a tremor.

Though striving for composure, the Immortal Kings could not conceal the palpable fear in their voices. Sensing the urgency, King Luo immediately left his birthday celebration, disregarding the ongoing festivities.

“The situation is urgent; I must see what King Ming intends,” he declared.

The panic extended beyond King Luo, affecting the other Immortal Kings present. Faced with an existence that considered immortal kings as sources of nourishment, fear was an inevitable response.

However, within the confines of Luo Wang’s mansion, the unaware guests continued to revel in merriment, oblivious to the looming threat.

In a vast purple bamboo forest, mist swirling, a captivating woman with a radiant smile raised her glass to a young man before her.

Dressed in white, handsome, and with an air of detachment, he stood tall and straight, with golden eyes hinting at an otherworldly allure.

The woman praised him for vanquishing foes on the boundless battlefield, showcasing the might of the Immortal Domain.

An immortal aura surrounded him as he smiled, radiating an immortal spirit. Expressing gratitude to Daoist Luo Xuan for his assistance in the recent battle, the young man humbly acknowledged that defeating their opponent would have been a terrible task without his aid.

Standing beside him, Luo Xuan exuded a dignified air, his regular and handsome appearance complemented by a faint golden glow enveloping his entire form. His hair seemed to possess a divine quality, flowing with a glorious golden brilliance. As the anticipated future leader of the Luo Palace, he was on the path to aspiring to the position of Immortal King.

“Brother Wang is absurd,” Luo Xuan responded modestly, “this time on the boundless battlefield, it is actually thanks to Miss Ziji. If she hadn’t delayed the fallen Dao-building expert who came across the boundary, we might not have been able to deal with the enemy so easily.”

Luo Xuan’s gaze shifted to a woman in a white dress not far away. Seated alone at a white jade table, she emanated an immortal charm. With bright eyes, white teeth, and a jade-like complexion, she possessed an unparalleled beauty that could make the heavens themselves jealous.

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