Hokage Master

Chapter 473: Payback
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Chapter 473: Payback

The chain is stretched. Tsume stood and, clenching her worn fangs to a crack, stretched her nails to his feet. Drops of blood slowly trickled down her chin, giving her grin a terrifying look.

Broken and bloodied nails looked like the claws of some monster...

Disheveled, muffled growled and did not give up ...

There was nothing human in her bloodshot eyes anymore. Only the wildness of a cornered beast. She wanted to fight to the last drop of blood, but in the end, her body and mind could not stand it...

In this life, never before had Tsume hated anyone as much as this person, and had never stooped to such a state before.

A really sad sight, because the truth is that Tsume understood everything immediately, as soon as she remembered what had happened. Behind the hatred, fear and despair lurked - they fueled it, because without it, Tsume had only one end. He almost killed her, and now he put her on a chain ... What else could there be talk?

But even so, his depressing laughter was the last straw...

Cornered, she almost gave up, but it was his laughter.... He seemed to humiliate the defeated... It was this laughter that gave Tsume strength and destroyed her last psychological barrier, suppressed fear and impotence. So she showed her true, wild nature.

Naruto masterfully manipulated this woman, and forced her to fight to the point of frenzy, almost to death, without sparing herself. A little more, and he could drive her crazy.

Tsume played at his fingertips, like a small, trained dog...

But in the end, all these forces, awakened on the edge, slowly dissipated, and the mind plunged into a dark void...

The hatred was nothing more than dope in her miserable condition, and therefore, the effects of impotence and despair, which would have set in anyway, were magnified many times over. Like a stimulant that ended up paying a terrible price.

It would have been easier to give up and save her strength, but how could he allow her such a luxury?

Naruto pushed her to the edge consciously.

It all didn't make sense at first, but he didn't give her time to realize it, and made this amazing scene by playing on her proud personality just to feed his ego.

"So stupid..." Naruto's lips curved into a wicked sneer.

This victory was more than satisfying...

Masterpiece. He experienced incredible pleasure watching this hysterical performance.

That's how it always is...

Naruto continued to stare at Tsume's face without trying to look away. Not a single muscle on his face trembled - he was clearly aware of who was right and who was wrong. The winner takes all and the loser becomes a slave. Such is the reality. Tsume's mistake is that she simply did not know who she contacted, and she imagined herself too much.

If the dragon craves a virgin, then only a fool would condemn him and try to object to this demand.

Akita and Tsume are a perfect example of what happens to such fools for their resistance.

Tsume Inuzuka. Pitiful slave... Even now, in front of him - like an open book. It's amazing how no one has conquered it yet.

She stared back with her bleary eyes as her bloodied fingers reached for him. Ripped nails barely touched his trouser leg.

At that moment, if she had a chance to touch him, she would not have spared herself... But, it was all in vain. With every second, the anger and adrenaline slowly subsided. The flame in my chest burned out, and in its place came emptiness.

Tsume was staring into the face of her most hated enemy, and there was nothing she could do about it. How infuriated she was by his smirk, so much she wanted to tear this face with her claws, but she couldn't ... She couldn't do anything else ...

Naturally, Naruto didn't dare to ignore her, for all those emotions fading away on her pale face filled him with life. Isn't that why he spent so much energy? Isn't that why he lost his temper and bound her with chains? This is a pleasure only for a real hunter.

They were on opposite sides, and he expected anything from her, because he specifically led to this, but, something like that ... We have to admit that the crazy behavior of a wild beast turned out to be a very big surprise for him.

In the beginning, Naruto even thought that after his laughter, Tsume would begin to get angry and curse him, after which he would show fear when he told her about his plans, and then break after the humiliation and start a tantrum, but it turned out that the instincts of this woman are even stronger than him imagined. She understood the other predator's intentions so clearly, and didn't even try to negotiate.

Memories and emotions took their toll...

"Impressive… I really underestimated the situation…"

Even Naruto couldn't imagine that just laughing would give her so much strength. The spark of madness was hard to predict. He wanted to see a breakdown, but did not expect such aggression.

Tsume's reaction is worthy of respect, because she acted unpredictably, and this became both a pleasure for him and an annoying nuisance.

Without empty words and senseless insults, Tsume showed anger and bloodlust. Without a doubt, the emotions are delightful, but with her act she saved him from the pleasure of bullying.

Now, Tsume was completely overwhelmed and overwhelmed, so it is very doubtful that in such a state it will be possible to gradually kindle a flame in her, and slowly enjoy its extinction. Since it had completely burned out, giving him everything at once, Naruto had no choice but to use his trump card to make the remaining sparks of her hatred ignite for the last time.

And how did it all come to this?

Who would have thought...

"H-ah…" The Hokage let out a long breath, squinting as he continued to watch Tsume's eyes slowly fade.

There's nothing you can do about it... Since I couldn't foresee her reaction, that's not bad either. One way or another, the mark on her neck will not let her die, which means that everything is under control ...

In addition, he had no doubt that it would be impossible to repeat today's breakdown. Such is the uniqueness of women and this life ... Who among them can exactly copy Tsume? This path is unique. That is why he followed it. These conquests made him himself. It remained only to enjoy the moment, and keep it in memory forever.

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