Hell's Handbook

Chapter 396
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Chapter 396

Su Jin had considered this problem before, but there was no perfect solution. If he wanted the Yun siblings to avoid this problem, he would have to make sure they remained ordinary people forever. But being an ordinary person in this world was dangerous too.

This was a world that valued strength above all, so getting rid of entire clans was not a rare thing here. The siblings’ parents died in such a feud too, and Su Jin had seen a lot of it over the last two decades here.

If he let them remain as ordinary people, they would end up dying horribly. If they became strong, the Handbook would make use of them. If they remained weak, they would be bullied by the world they lived in. There weren’t a lot of choices, and neither choice was a good one.

The nine tailed fox saw that Su Jin was still conflicted, so she said, “If you’re really worried… why don’t you cut this world off from the Handbook’s control? How about that?”

“Cut this world off?” Su Jin blinked in surprise. He had never thought of that before. But now that she mentioned it, doing that didn’t seem too hard.

“I think you would be able to do it. The three of us are weak, but if we combine forces, we’d be able to cut a very small area off from the Handbook temporarily. You’re much more powerful than us, so I don’t think this would be difficult for you,” said the nine tailed fox with a smile.

Su Jin nodded. He realized it really wasn’t too hard. He just needed to change the characteristics of this particular planet. If it was an entire universe, he might have trouble doing this. But doing this for just one planet was no problem for him.

“Alright then, I’ll cut this world off from the Handbook’s control!” Su Jin punched his other palm. This would be the best solution to his problems. The two children were his disciples, so since he couldn’t take them with him, he would give them a world where they could live in peace.

Su Jin said to the three demons, “Take care of things here for a while, I’ll get this done right now.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of the two children,” promised the nine tailed fox.

Su Jin nodded slightly. A silver glow suddenly appeared around his body, then he disappeared. It only took a thought for him to teleport himself anywhere within this tiny planet.

In the extreme north of this planet, large swathes of icy rivers covered the land. The natural weather phenomena Su Jin saw in his world occurred here too, but this planet was much bigger, so a lot of the living creatures here seemed larger as well.

He walked toward one of the glaciers, took a few hundred steps, then suddenly stopped. There was a flicker in his eye as it reflected a black orb that was flickering slowly.

“Rise!” growled Su Jin as the glacier around him rose violently into the sky, then water flew upward as well, as though an invisible water pump was pulling water up.

Water kept moving upward, and as the icy river flew higher and higher, it broke free of the gravity pull on the planet and went straight into outer space.

But Su Jin’s eyes were still focused on the black orb beneath his feet, until it was finally sucked out. The black orb had turned out to be a Handbook.

“That’s how Hell’s Handbook controls a planet?” Su Jin frowned. He didn’t expect it to be this simple. Hell’s Handbook just gave out a Handbook and it could control the planet?

Su Jin paused to think, then pressed a hand against the Handbook. A light moved from his hand to cover the entire book. That light was not his psychokinesis, but his maniac power, the power that Su Jin had developed outside of the Handbook.

Slowly, the Handbook began to transform. Its black cover faded from black to gray, then from gray to white. The words “Hell’s Handbook” on the front were eventually erased too.

“I think… that should do it.” Su Jin casually flung the completely white Handbook back where it was.

A moment later, Su Jin felt as though the planet had let out a long howl. This sound could not be heard by ordinary people, but Daitengu and the other two demons had heard it clearly.

“This world… is free,” uttered the nine tailed fox in amazement. She was the one who had given Su Jin this suggestion, but it was only a suggestion. She didn’t know if Su Jin was able to even do it, so it really surprised her when Su Jin was not only able to do it, but had managed to achieve it in such a short time.

After Su Jin had thrown the Handbook back in place, he did not return to his cave on the mountain. He used his psychokinesis to cover the entire planet, gaining control of it within seconds.

“Since Hell’s Handbook was the one originally in control of this world, there must be a manifestation of itself somewhere. That manifestation might not know their connection to the Handbook, but as long as they don’t die, the Handbook will eventually regain a connection to this world and take control of it again,” murmured Su Jin to himself. His psychokinesis quickly located a mighty presence that no ordinary person would have. It was even mightier than the presence that the great demons had.

“Found you.” Su Jin’s eyes opened again. The scenery around him suddenly changed as he transported himself from the north pole to a place with many palaces.

“This is… the royal palace of Great Qi?” Su Jin’s psychokinesis covered the entirety of this planet, so he instantly realized that he had reappeared in the royal palace that belonged to the greatest kingdom in this world, Great Qi.

“In that case, the person I’m looking for would be the emperor of Great Qi,” murmured Su Jin to himself. The emperor of Great Qi was the manifestation of the Handbook’s control over this world. That made sense. Based on Su Jin’s understanding of this world’s history, Great Qi was a failing nation 30 years ago, but after the current emperor ascended the throne, both the military and the civilians grew and prospered at an incredibly quick rate. The country had gone from teetering on the edge of collapsing to becoming the greatest nation in the world in just 30 years.

Perhaps the emperor of Great Qi was truly an amazing ruler and extremely capable, but the rapid progress of the country was almost a miracle. But now, Su Jin didn’t think it was a miracle anymore. If the Handbook had manifested itself in the body of an ordinary civilian, that person would have had riches enough to buy a country, and capabilities beyond anyone’s imagination. And if the Handbook manifested itself as a king, then it only made sense that this person would rule the world and become the lord of every land they set foot on. In other words, the manifestation of the Handbook would be like a game player with a cheat code. That player was bound to do well in the game.

During the time Su Jin spent thinking about these things, the royal guards had already surrounded him and were pointing their swords at him. But Su Jin was not bothered by them. He glanced at all these top martial artists around him and asked, “Where’s the emperor of Great Qi? I want to see him.”

“Who do you think you are! How dare you barge into the Great Qi royal palace like that! That alone deserves death! Surrender now and listen to our instructions!” one of the guards barked at Su Jin.

Su Jin chuckled and nodded. “You’re right, a nobody asking to see the emperor would definitely end badly. And if you need to know if I’m someone important enough… how about this?”

Su Jin’s wrist trembled slightly as his psychokinesis formed a sword that looked just like the one he had given to Marsha. This Cicada Wing Sword could be considered Su Jin’s ID in this world.

The guards around Su Jin were surprised to see a sword suddenly appear in Su Jin’s hands, while some of them immediately widened their eyes.

“That’s… that’s the Cicada Wing Sword! This man is the martial god, Su Jin,” exclaimed one of them. This sword was enough for him to recognize Su Jin.

Su Jin was pleasantly surprised. He had not been living among civilization for more than ten years, yet people still remembered who he was. Then again, he had also spent a good ten years trying to live out his wuxia dreams, so he had caused quite a bit of trouble during that time. He rarely killed anyone, and anyone he did was definitely a bad guy, since he could use his psychokinesis to confirm that and was not afraid of accidentally killing someone who was innocent.

Su Jin had become really famous during those ten years and he kept his title of martial god that way. But now, while people remembered his title, it didn’t have such a great effect anymore.

The guards had recognized him, but did not move away at all. People remembered who he was, but did not remember what he was capable of anymore.

“Even if you’re the martial god, you can’t just barge in and demand to see the emperor! Guards, capture him and allow His Majesty to decide what to do with him!” commanded the leader of the guards. All the guards immediately charged toward Su Jin.

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