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Chapter 1227 - 1227 Arrangements!
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Chapter 1227 - 1227 Arrangements!

Zhou Zhou looked at the Sacred Spear Of Longinus in his hand and could not help but sigh.

“He” had never seen what a supreme divine artifact was like.

However, “He” felt that even a killing-type supreme divine artifact paled in comparison to the absolute damage laws of the Sacred Spear Of Longinus.

“Getting you is better than getting a supreme divine artifact.”

Zhou Zhou stroked the Sacred Spear Of Longinus, his heart filled with joy.

This Sacred Spear Of Longinus could be used together with the Xuan Yuan Divine Sword and the Regal Sage Dao Sword as common weapons for “He” and “His” clones.

Even if “He” grew to a higher level in the future, these Enhanceable divine artifacts could still accompany “Him” and be used by “Him.”

At this moment,

“He” suddenly felt a sense of danger.

This feeling of danger was like knowing that someone was holding a gun to the back of his head. If he moved slightly, he would be shot without hesitation. Therefore, the hair on his back stood on end.

“I knew that this trip back to the Cerulean Planet wouldn’t be peaceful.”

“It’s probably those race factions and scarlet factions that sent Divine Kingdom Lord factions, high-level bloodline factions, or scarlet factions to find trouble with me.”

“Otherwise, it wouldn’t have given me such a strong sense of danger.”

“The Supreme Will is really too much. I’m the most outstanding Lord of All Races under ‘Him’ after all. Why didn’t he set some rules to protect the Lords of All Races during this event?”

Zhou Zhou complained in his heart

but there was nothing he could do.

However, “He” had a trump card in hand, so “He” wasn’t too nervous. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

“Zhou Fight, order the entire army to get ready. In a while, we will leave this place with Cerulean Planet and let the enemies who want to ambush us miss.”

Zhou Zhou ordered Zhou Fight.

Fortunately, “He” wasn’t within the range of the transfer slots. Otherwise, “He” wouldn’t even be able to bring “His” clone to Cerulean Planet.


Zhou Fight immediately went to do it.

“Zero, in a while, I’ll put the Cerulean Planet and the entire solar system into my Divine Kingdom world. You’re in charge of upgrading the technology of the Cerulean Planet in the Divine Kingdom world. It’s best to set up a top-notch planetary defense system for the Cerulean Planet. It’s best if it can defend against attacks at the Master God-Tier level.”

Zhou Zhou gave another order to Zero.

[Yes, Your Majesty.]

Zero said.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he immediately opened a Divine Kingdom passageway and prepared to absorb the Cerulean Planet into his Divine Kingdom world.

“His” Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade Divine Kingdom World was comparable to the Middle World of a top True God-Tier. Accommodating a Cerulean Planet was as simple as throwing a grain of sand into the Pacific Ocean.

However, an accident soon happened.

This was because when “He” was absorbing the Cerulean Planet into his Divine Kingdom, a faint pure white light appeared around the Cerulean Planet.

The pure white light blocked Zhou Zhou’s Chaos holy power and easily resisted the attraction of the Divine Kingdom world, allowing the Cerulean Planet to operate naturally on its planetary orbit as stable as Mount Tai.

Surprise flashed across Zhou Zhou’s eyes.

Is this light… the Supreme Will stopping me?

As expected,

a line of text appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

[Hint for the Lord of the Race event: During the Lord of the Race event, it is strictly prohibited to move the Lord’s territory into other worlds to avoid the activities of the Lord of the Race and the attacks of other hostile forces.]

Zhou Zhou frowned slightly.

So that was the reason.

No wonder the Supreme Will stopped me.


if a Lord of all races, like “Him” kept his territory in a world-class treasure and hid himself in an extremely remote and hidden place as an old silver coin, then if he was lucky, he could really escape the activity of the Lord of Races this time.

The universe was so big after all. If he really wanted to hide, it would not be easy to find him without using some special methods.

“Never mind.”

“At most, I’ll just let my clone teleport with the Cerulean Planet.”

Zhou Zhou did not take it to heart.

Few things in the myriad worlds could stump “Him” with “His” current abilities.

“He” was just leaving with a planet,

to “He”, it was a piece of cake.

At this moment,

Zhou Fight’s voice sounded in Zhou Zhou’s mind.

“Main body, I’ll take the Cerulean Planet away now. They’re getting closer and closer to us.”

“Alright, you can leave. I’ll play with ‘Them’.”

Zhou Zhou smiled faintly.


Zhou Fight was naturally not worried about Zhou Zhou.

In terms of how much he valued life,

Even if the clones were added together, they were still inferior to their main bodies.

The Cerulean Planet.

On the happiness peak

which was the highest peak on the Cerulean Planet, and it was also the holy land in the hearts of countless climbers.

At this moment, there was no one around except for Zhou Fight.

After “He” finished speaking to Zhou Zhou, “He” half-knelt on the ground and touched the ground.

Then, with a thought,


The entire Cerulean Planet suddenly disappeared.

Then, the entire solar system was teleported away by Zhou Fight.

He did this because he was afraid of destroying the living environment on the Cerulean Planet.

Otherwise, if he departed with the Cerulean Planet alone, he might lose the transit environment of the solar system, causing the ecological environment of the Cerulean Planet to be unbalanced. If he was not careful, it might very well cause a calamity to the Cerulean Planet.

Even though Zhou Zhou was not afraid of this, it was better to avoid it if possible.

Only Zhou Zhou was departed floating in the starry sky as the entire solar system disappeared.

After losing the solar system, this place had become much emptier.

However, Zhou Zhou did not mind. Instead, he gazed at the other two suns in the sky.

The two suns, one big and one small, emitted scorching flames and terrifying energy.

These two stars had combined with the sun of the solar system to roast the Cerulean Planet.

If General Zhou hadn’t moved the entire solar system, including the Cerulean Planet, the Cerulean Planet would have become a dead celestial body before long.

Zhou Zhou gazed at the two suns and then at the surrounding stars. He sighed.

“This is indeed not the original universe of the Cerulean Planet.”

“According to the hint given to me by the cosmic map, this place should be in a super-large Boundless Universe. It’s a [Active Universe] specially created by the Supreme Will for this occurrence to facilitate the Lords of all races to compete here.”

“For this event, the Supreme Will not only created this active universe, but also transferred the territory of the Lords of the myriad races from the myriad worlds to this place.”

“How generous.”

For this reason, when Zhou Fight moved the entire solar system, he did not move out of this active universe. Instead, he planned to move to a star field about 100 million light-

years away.

Even though this way, he could not guarantee that those top races would not be able to find the Cerulean Planet.

However, it was not a problem to drag it out for a while.

At this moment,

three more sounds resounded through the myriad worlds.

[Congratulations to the True Spirit Star’s Original Spirit Race

— True Lord. You have successfully united all the Lords of the Original Spirit Race on True Spirit Star and obtained the right to rule the territory of the Original Spirit Race on True Spirit Star. You are rewarded with the first stage’s standard—the title of Lord of the Race and the first stage’s Lord of the Race Treasure Chest!]

[Congratulations, True Spirit Star’s Original Spirit Race—True Lord, for successfully unifying…]

[Congratulations, True Spirit Star’s Original Spirit Race—True Lord, for successfully unifying…]

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows.

This speed was fast enough.

“He” could be so fast because “He” had relied on “His” immense strength to forcefully unify all the Lords of Cerulean Planet in an instant.

This True Lord wasn’t as strong as him, and he had unified all the other Lords of the Original Spirit Race on True Spirit Star. It was probably the upper echelons of the race behind “Him”.

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