Global Killing: I Could Plunder Talent

Chapter 510 510 Cangshan Came And Took Advantage Of The Weakness
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After all, Warwicks was the former patriarch of the Darkness race. Although he had been forced back by him this time, it did not mean that he would not make a comeback. The original spirit would not die, and it would be reborn sooner or later.

This time, the Bramble force had to cheer up and get ready for the future. On the current battlefield, not only the Darkness race but also the secret forces, including the Dragon race, who were not enemies, could attack them from all directions.

At this time, Edward's body was surrounded by layers of halos. Seeing this scene, Dick's eyes lit up. He looked at the other party with a smile and said, "I didn't expect you to be a breakthrough at this critical moment. Go to the castle first. I'll escort you to promote your breakthrough."

Edward smiled with delight. He didn't expect himself to be able to reach a breakthrough. He had told Liya about the feeling just now, but it had not been so strong then, and now he felt it.

"Mr. Dick, I have comprehended some of the law power from your battle just now. Otherwise, I have just returned to the peak. I won't break through so soon."

Dick waved his hand. He could tell that Edward wanted to tie the credit to him, so he explained, "You don't have to belittle yourself. The reason why you were able to make it to breakthrough is also related to your serious injury at that time."

"Those injuries you suffered on the battlefield invaded your bone marrow and helped your body to rebuild. I'll fill the liquid medicine for you so that you can double the absorption of these nutrients and at the same time strengthen your spirit."

"When those pills and potions enter your body, they are also helping you to consolidate the strength. Now, you must seize the opportunity to improve your law and strength level in breakthrough."

Hearing that, Liya smiled happily. "Then I'll prepare it for you now."

After saying that, she went back to Bramble castle and immediately sent people to infuse all the liquid medicine into the medicine bath.

When Edward returned to the castle. Then he would be able to enter the medicine and absorb the nutrition of the liquid medicine, accelerating the promotion of law power.

But at this time, a subordinate rushed over and came to Dick. "Mr. Dick, I have something important to report."

"What happened?" Dick frowned, turned around, and asked.

"We observed the people of the Cangshan race move towards us. They will arrive around our castle in half an hour. Shall we make a plan in advance?"

Dick was lost in thought. "By rights, I have met the patriarch of the Cangshan race several times, and we are not enemies. I don't think he will do something to my Bramble castle, right?"

"But in this star region, everyone is from a secret force. There's only the challenger of the opposing relationship." Liya misunderstood.

"That's true, but I don't think that person has any intention. My point is more than him, he should not have that ability to attack us. He is not a match for me or the force behind me."

Dick was confused. Was this Cangshan patriarch Klein out of his mind to beat him?

"Anyway, they are now approaching us. We still need to give them the protection support."

"Send someone to take over all the places around the castle at once. Once he enters the castle, we are ready to make a move."

Dick thought for a while and felt relieved. After all, there was no ally on this battlefield. Everyone was doing anything for the sake of reputation and points. They could be friends or enemies by any means.

Moreover, he did not ally with the Cangshan race, so there was no backstabbing.

It was highly possible that Klein would do something to them.

"Yes, Mr. Dick." The member of the Bramble Castle hurried down to make preparations.

Liya took a look at Dick and asked, "Should I help?"

After all, the Cangshan race was not a small force. If they started to fight, many tactics would be useless to just leave them to their subordinates. It still needed her, the steward, to lay out a plan.

The last time when they were with the Land race, they had prepared in advance, so they had killed them all.

"There's no need. You just accompany me to escort Edward. The most important thing is to let him break through first. There's only one chance. If he misses it, he has to try his luck next time."

At this time, on the northern battlefield, under the lead of Klein, the Cangshan race was marching towards the Bramble castle.

"Patriarch, we will enter the area of Bramble castle in less than 10 minutes."

Klein nodded. "I heard that Warwicks was seriously injured by him this time, and only a wisp of spirit left to escape. But I guess he also tortured Dick to be very weak."

"Patriarch, do you mean to take advantage of his illness to kill him? But after all, he even killed Warwicks. Are we a match for him?" A member of the Cangshan race was worried.

"No matter what, the former patriarch of the Darkness race is also at the virtual god level. It must have taken Dick much energy to kill him. Presumably, now Dick is in a weak period, and his point is currently at the top. Who can catch up with him?"

"We'd better take action first. If we can defeat the Bramble force this time, we can get a lot of prestige values."

Klein had been thinking about it for a long time. He had been paying attention to the fight between Dick and Warwicks. Especially when he saw that Dick did not continue to chase after Warwicks, he guessed that he might not be able to trap him.

After all, using the law power for a long time would also make Dick's power extremely weak. It could be said it was the first time that he had been so weak since he entered the temple.

Opportunities like this didn't come around very often.

In that case, how could he be willing to miss it?

Along the way, he listened to the news of Bramble castle from time to time. When he knew that Dick had done nothing but chose to escape to the castle, he was instantly more sure of his thoughts.

"It seems my guess is right. He should have returned to the castle to heal himself."

"Order all of you to speed up. Let's finish off the Bramble force as soon as possible! And let the people on the battlefield of the temple see the ability of our Cangshan race."

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