Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 26 -26-Slaying the Monkey King
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Chapter 26: Chapter26-Slaying the Monkey King

The moment Harrison revealed the attributes of the Wind Demon Fistwraps, a ripple of astonishment permeated the air.

Icethorn and his team couldn't tear their gaze away from the formidable equipment, their eyes flickering with desire and admiration.

Drawing a deep breath, Icethorn inquired with a slightly tremulous voice, "Harrison, what do you intend to do with such a treasure?"

He tried to maintain his composure, but the eagerness danced fervently in his eyes.

Harrison shot Icethorn a sidelong glance, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, as if he'd read Icethorn's mind completely.

With a nonchalant wave of his hand, he replied succinctly, "Nothing much. Give me an E-level magus skill book, and we'll trade."

In this desolate continent, skill books were like razor-sharp weapons, each representing a new ability and strength.

Despite no responses to his previous buying post, Harrison firmly believed in the value of a skill book.

"No, I can't shortchange you. My younger brother desperately needs it. He was once the national boxing champion. This pair of fistwraps is the perfect equipment for him."

Icethorn recognized the significance of the skill book, but reminiscing his brother's past glory in the boxing ring stirred something deep within him.

The Wind Demon Fistwraps seemed tailored for him.

After a brief reflection, he resolved to part with a precious skill book, hoping it would pave the way for his brother's renewed greatness.

With unwavering determination in his eyes, he handed over the skill book.

In this barren land, the bond of kinship ran deep, and Icethorn was willing to sacrifice anything for his family, even his most cherished possession.

"This is a D-level magus skill book, [Heart of Ice]. It was meant for me, but now it's yours."

Harrison, taken aback by the gesture, hadn't expected to acquire a D-level skill book here.

Sometimes, blessings truly come when least expected.

Harrison took the Heart of Ice, and without hesitation, handed the Wind Demon Fistwraps to Icethorn. He inspected the attributes of the Heart of Ice.

[Heart of Ice (D-level)]: Upon activation, it chills the air within a fifty-meter radius to bone-numbing coldness, slowing down the speed of all enemies for a duration of one minute.

It's a spell tailored for group combat. After being amplified by the Lord of Element, he wondered about its potential transformation.

"Marvelous," Harrison murmured.

Now he had another tool in his offensive arsenal.

Glancing at his experience bar, he noted it was at 99.7%.

Not bad.

A few more Wind Demon Monkeys, and he'd level up.

Having acquired the Heart of Ice, Harrison refrained from using it immediately.

He didn't want to inadvertently harm his teammates.

With his boots pressing into the sturdy earth, Icethorn confidently led the group forward.

Along the way, gentle breezes brushed past, the sounds of flora and fauna echoing around, yet Icethorn's stride remained unwavering and determined.

As the sun reached its zenith, suddenly, an ancient tree, so tall it seemed to touch the heavens, stood majestically before them, dominating their view.

This lush, thriving tree seemed as if it had weathered countless ages, its canopy spreading out like a vast cloud.

Atop it, Wind Demon Monkeys frolicked and leaped, as if they had their own kingdom.

Hidden within this dense foliage was an oddly-shaped treehouse.

It appeared as a palace for the Wind Demon Monkeys – regal and concealed.

Icethorn halted, pointing towards the towering treehouse, his voice deep and resonant, "Harrison, that is the abode of the ruler of the Wind Demon Monkeys – the female Monkey King."

Harrison's gaze was unwavering. In the palm of his hand, he began to gather a blazing inferno.

This flame mirrored his rage: bubbling and immensely powerful.

He warned the group, "Stay vigilant. Do not let the Wind Demon Monkeys harm you."

Then, with force, he hurled the fireball towards the treehouse.

With a deafening roar, the massive blaze, akin to a celestial fire, illuminated the entire sky.

The treehouse was instantaneously engulfed in violet flames, with smoke billowing upwards, intertwining with the fire.

The Wind Demon Monkeys, like startled birds, were immediately dispersed in panic by this sudden onslaught.

Some enraged Wind Demon Monkeys charged towards the source of this devastation, Harrison, while others quickly scaled the tree, attempting to rescue their comrades trapped within.

Amidst the guards of numerous Wind Demon Monkeys, a figure emerged — a Monkey King, draped in golden fur, its eyes filled with dominance and fury. It burst forth from the mingling smoke and flames.

Facing the wrathful horde of Wind Demon Monkeys, Harrison stood undaunted.

Taking a deep breath, his hands traced an arcane symbol before his chest.

Immediately, flames beside him began to swirl, coalescing into a spiraling Flame Resistance Ring.

The ring had evolved since its inception; now at level 2, its flames bore not only scorching heat but also the force of shockwaves.

Each time a Wind Demon Monkey tried to approach, the ring unleashed fierce shockwaves and flames.

The monkeys, attempting in vain to penetrate this barrier, were repelled before they could even touch it, their fur instantly charred to a crisp by the intense heat.

Icethorn's eyes, cold and piercing, locked onto the matriarchal Monkey King in the center.

From his bosom, he drew out the Ice God Grimoire, its cover gleaming with a mysterious blue luminescence.

Flipping to the second page, he began to chant an incantation.

Almost instantaneously, a chilling aura permeated the air.

A pristine, crystalline cage of ice rose from the ground, ensnaring the Monkey King.

The surrounding Wind Demon Monkeys desperately tried to free their leader, but the chilling aura emanating from the ice cage was sharp and lethal.

Each monkey that came into contact with it was immediately encased in crystal, subsequently shattering into countless shards.

The ice cage continued to contract until the Monkey King was entirely encased in a block of ice.

As the translucent block landed, indistinguishable from the fragments of other fallen Wind Demon Monkeys, the fate of the Monkey King was sealed.

The very moment the matriarchal Monkey King fell, it seemed as though the entire rainforest felt the shock.

Branches swayed, and birds and beasts raised alarmed cries.

From distant reaches, countless Wind Demon Monkeys took to the skies, sensing the peril that befell their queen, surging toward the area like an incoming tide.

Feeling the mounting tension, Emma and Lily exchanged nervous glances, their young faces painted with unmistakable dread.

"Stay calm, stay calm," Harrison began soothing the two.

Without hesitation, he started casting Heart of Ice towards the expansive rainforest.

Amplified by the Lord of Element, the reach of Heart of Ice now spanned a staggering five thousand square meters.

The temperature plummeted to extreme lows. Under the weight of this descending chill, the lush rainforest was rapidly encased in shimmering ice crystals.

Even the approaching Wind Demon Monkeys began to stiffen and halt in their tracks.

The temperature had dipped so drastically that it slowed their very beings by nearly 99%.

Witnessing this spectacle, Icethorn was utterly astounded. He had always pegged Harrison as a master of fire talents, but to wield ice with such formidable prowess was unexpected.

It seemed a reevaluation of Harrison's true capabilities was in order.

After deploying Heart of Ice, Harrison unleashed a barrage of fireballs upon the icy expanse.

Under the alternating assault of freezing cold and searing heat, there was simply no resisting, and the foes were swiftly vanquished.

Accompanied by bursts of golden light, Harrison leveled up. He now stood at level 26, with 34% progress to the next.

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