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Chapter 1992 Truth

The novel that Nan Hua read had never mentioned about Long Qian Xing's background in details. Even if the story were to follow Long Qian Xing's point of view, he was not the type of person who liked to talk about his past. The only times when he did was when he met with Fang Sheng Lin, Gu Xia Mo, or Song Yun Xiang. They talked briefly about their past. But it was never in details because they knew each other's past and there was no need for them to purposely mentioned it again. The novel seemed to block these things too.

For some reasons that Nan Hua still couldn't fully understand but she has some guesses on her own. And for Long Qian Xing's past…

Nan Hua thought of the person with the same name in her world. All of the names of the people here and their abilities, suited the people she knew and heard in her previous world. Even if their ages were wrong, but their names and abilities were exactly the same as what she knew. Even if she didn't meet them personally, but she still knew them because of some reasons. So she tried it out.

Because if she was right…

They had met in their previous life.

Long Qian Xing looked at Nan Hua and saw her black obsidian eyes were staring straight in his direction. Her words surprised him greatly. Never in his wildest dream would be expect that the girl in front of him to say those words. The few phrases he thought he would never be able to hear in his entire life ever again. Again and again, Nan Hua kept on surprising him.

This made him wonder whether he was so oblivious to the clues presented in front of him or it was because the person in question was the young woman whom he love greatly that he chose to ignore those things? 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

Long Qian Xing didn't know. But he knew one thing. For Nan Hua to be able to say those things meant that she had come from the same world as him…

And she knew him. With his fame in his previous world, he would not be surprised if many people were to know his name. But the problem was that he didn't know anyone with the name of Nan Hua except for his fiancée and that girl… Has been missing for so many years.

"You… come from the same world?" Long Qian Xing didn't know what to say and in the end, he could only ask this one question. Nan Hua blinked her eyes once and then said, "Yes."

She knew that eventually, she had to tell him and Nan Hua chose to tell him at this point of time. Because when they met with that <ball> he will definitely found out that she could understand and communicate with that <ball>


Nan Hua also had some questions that she wanted to ask the <world consciousness or dubbed as the ball by them>. Should she ask these questions first, Long Qian Xing would be able to know her true identity. With these all in consideration, Nan Hua chose to come clean with Long Qian Xing first and let him knew the truth about her real identity first. This way, there was no need for him to be surprised again. Nan Hua was looking at Long Qian Xing's expression closely. She wanted to know what his reaction would be… Would he be able to accept this or would he feel wronged because she didn't tell him for a long time?

Nan Hua didn't know. But she could feel her heart tightened slightly.

She knew that from the moment she chose to stay with Long Qian Xing and be with him, she had already put him in her heart and allowed him to affect her every reaction. This meant that no matter what his reaction be, there would be effect in Nan Hua's life. She cared for him.

It also meant that she cared for what his reaction would be. There was some expectations and worry in her heart, something that she hadn't had aside from her newfound family members in this life. Long Qian Xing looked at Nan Hua's black obsidian eyes and seemed to see himself reflected in those eyes. His heart was turbulent because he knew very well that he himself was also keeping the secret of his life from Nan Hua. Because he thought that she was a native of this world and might not be able to accept the fact that he came from another world. Even if he told himself that everything would be fine when he told this to her, the truth was that he was still worried. No matter what, he's also a human being. A human being with emotions. And facing the person whom he cared greatly, it would be a lie to say that Long Qian Xing was not worried about what Nan Hua's reaction would be. But now that Nan Hua had taken the first step, he could see that the girl was also facing him. She looked very calm, but Long Qian Xing had known Nan Hua for some time and could see faintly that she was actually nervous. At this moment, Long Qian Xing stepped forward and raised his hand, rubbing the top of Nan Hua's head tenderly. Nan Hua's eyes flashed with faint surprise. Long Qian Xing smiled. "Sorry to make you worry, but since you're the same as me, you don't have to worry so much."

He's the man, so he will be the one to make the first move. No matter what, he didn't want to see Nan Hua worry about him. From the very beginning he fell for her, Long Qian Xing had Nan Hua in his eyes and heart. And what he wanted to do the most was to keep her there and let her stay with him and be happy with him too.

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