Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives

Chapter 2: The Battle of the Supernaturals
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Chapter 2: The Battle of the Supernaturals

It was going to be just another casual day. Jayden would Wake up, eat something after freshening up, watch some anime maybe, then go for daily missions to earn some money.

But this time, everything was different. Jayden opened his eyes and stretched, then after rubbing his eyes, he looked around in a daze and saw nothing around, literally. As he stood up, he looked everywhere around him and only saw wasteland as far as he could see.

"Wh..wh.. where am I?" he muttered to himself, sluttering. Then he started remembering what happened before he collapsed, and as he remembered his robbery mission, memories of events that happened after, started to enter his mind. The chase, werewolves, gunshots...

"Oh, gunshots" he exclaimed and started to examine his body, but there was nothing, not even a single scratch.

Just as he sighed with relief, he felt the ground tremble slightly, but the trembling just became stronger with every passing moment. Jayden panicked and looked around for any changes. Soon he saw a long black horizontal line approaching and getting bigger each instant. He soon heard loud growls from a distance.

Just a minute later, he could see strange creatures very far away, running in his direction. Cold sweat drenched his whole body, he froze, and dread filled him. With fear, he turned his body to 180 degrees to run, but what he saw there almost gave him a heart attack.

From this direction, he could see another big line approach; he just stood there frozen; never in his life before had he ever felt like this. After a couple of minutes, the line came close enough for him to see everything.

There were numerous creatures divided into groups, clearly based on their races. As Jayden observed, he saw many races that he could recognize. He saw zombies, werewolves, vampires, giants, dragons, Angels, humans, demons, dwarves, goblins, witches, and many more, and many that he didn't even recognize.

All of them were carrying different weapons and shouting with bloodshot eyes as if they wanted to tear everything apart.

Each race had a king or queen in front of their groups, sitting on their thrones that appeared at some point, purely out of air. Each race had so many warriors that he was unable to see the end of any of the group present.

Then hearing growls from behind him, Jayden turned around and froze yet again. There was only one single group, yet it seemed as big as all others combined. One person was sitting in front of the group with ten shadows hovering behind him.

He had long black hair reaching his waist, golden eyes, silver-colored skin, and two horns on his head about 10cm long. He looked truly handsome; Jayden was sure he had never seen anyone as handsome as him, even in all movies and dramas. He was resting his head on his hand with a bored expression as if this war was child's play for him.

The creatures behind him were truly frightening. They were also divided by their races or something. There too, were various portions formed; some creatures were flying in the sky whose bodies looked a bit like whales but were of a terrifying size, enough to be more than 10 times bigger than the biggest whales.

Some creatures had a lower body that looked like a werewolf, while their upper body only consisted of tentacles. There were so many types of creatures present, enough to scare anyone to death.

Both sides were ready to tear the other side apart, yet for some reason, both sides were standing still. Jayden was confused that none of the sides were paying any attention to him, though he was quite relieved. It was as if he was watching a reality video, and nothing around him was real but just a recording.

A few minutes passed with howls and roars coming from both sides, yet none present was moving.


A loud sound resounded with black thunder that fell from the sky in the middle of the battlefield. The creatures present in front from both sides were thrown back.

All the Kings and queens stood at the same time and bowed their heads subtly, with respect, and every member of their army kneeled on the ground on one leg. The leader from the other side stood but with a glint of disdain in his eyes.

Within a second, the electricity retracted and revealed a person standing straight in the middle. His whole body was black from head to toe.

Jayden thought he looked like 'alien X,' but without stars on his body. Only its eyes were visible on its face, which had deep black pupils just like the rest of his body.

The tall figure, around 7 feet, stood there motionless for a few moments. But then he slowly rotated his head in Jayden's direction and looked directly into his eyes.

Jayden met the gaze of the black figure; his body shuddered uncontrollably. He wasn't able to avert his gaze even if he tried. Jayden looked into his pitch-black eyes and felt as if his whole being was being sucked into those dark eyes.

The next moment Jayden felt a pain course through his eyes, a pain to the extent it felt as if someone was putting red hot iron rods into his eyes. Blood tears started to fall from his eyes, rolling down his face.

"Arrrrrrrgggghhhh," Jayden screamed in pain, yet he was unable to look away from those dark eyes, nor was his body moving.

A whole minute passed in scorching pain; unable to bear it any longer, Jayden finally lost consciousness, and everything went black. The pain was finally gone; everything was finally peaceful again.


It felt as if an eternity had passed, also as if it was just an instant. Jayden opened his eyes and saw the dark sky with stars.

After being dazed for a few seconds, he sat up as reality hit him, and he looked around. He was on the same terrace where he had lost consciousness. There was no one around, only ashes, lots of it.

Jayden hurriedly stood up and felt that the world looked somewhat lower than before, and his clothes were quite tight; not giving it much attention, he looked for the people who were trying to catch him.

There was nothing, not even the orb he had stolen, but only a lot of Ash. Jayden thought all that happened was just a dream, 'the gunshots, the werewolf, the war, everything,' was just a crazy dream.

'Maybe they took the orb, hah' sighing, he slowly started walking towards the street he sleeps in. While walking through the streets, for some reason, people kept glancing at him, making him feel uncomfortable.

After reaching the street, he just laid down on his mattress and started thinking about everything that had just happened.

He was deep in thought when he heard footsteps approaching; he looked towards the entrance of the street, and after a minute, he saw a man staggering towards him; he looked drunk. Jayden recognized him immediately.

The drunk man's name was Charles; he was part of a local gang and committed various crimes daily, such as robbery and kidnapping; he even went to jail for attempted murder. He often made life hard for Jayden, taking Jayden's money using the name of his gang.

"Rat bastard comes out, give your weekly cut," Charles shouted.

Jayden frowned, hearing him; he stood and walked to stand in front of him, as he said:

"I've already given my cut at the beginning of the week, don't bother me."

For some reason, Charles looked shorter than normal, and as Charles was quite drunk, he didn't notice any changes in Jayden. Hearing Jayden, Charles's expression became ugly as he shouted, " Damn shit, don't talk back and give all the money you have before I beat you up."

Saying this, Charles raised one of his hands and clenched it to punch Jayden in the face. Seeing him, Jayden, too, raised his hand to punch Charles in the face. Now that Charles was initiating the fight, Jayden wasn't afraid to fight back.

There were many occasions previously when Charles and his friends teamed up to beat Jayden. He never took the beating and always fought back; though he couldn't win against so many at the same time, but he was sure that he could beat a drunk Charles.

Jayden, as always, used all his strength, without holding back, to send his punch forward. His hand moved so fast; Charles didn't even have time to blink.

As Jayden's fist touched Charles's head, it exploded as a big air canon formed and made a small crater on the ground behind Charles's body.


Charles's lifeless body fell to the ground without its head. Jayden was horrified; as he took a step back, and he fell on his back.

Jayden stared at the body in disbelief, but soon something even more insane happened. A red sphere of the size of a cricket ball formed out of the body, turning the body into ashes.

Under Jayden's frightened eyes, it started to flow toward him. He was filled with dread as he hurriedly stood and sprinted in the opposite direction to the red sphere. But due to using too much strength in his leap, he crashed into the wall of a house.


He broke through the wall, making a silhouette of a person appear on the wall. he stumbled and fell on the floor into the house.

As he raised his head, he froze, as in front of him was a mirror, and what was staring back at him was someone he had never seen.

He stood up and saw a handsome person of 6'2 height, with dark black hair and pitch black eyes, wearing clothes that were a bit too small for him.

"Wh... Who... who... who" he couldn't form a single sentence as he observed himself in the reflection. If before, he was 4 or 5 out of 10. Now he was a solid 9. Everything about him was different; Jayden just stupidly stood in front of the mirror staring at himself, not knowing what was going on.

"hahaha," Suddenly, a feminine giggle sounded; hearing it, Jayden looked around but couldn't see anyone." Wh... Who is it? "Jayden asked, still looking around cautiously.

"Don't look around; I am not present there. You could only hear me." a seductive female voice sounded in Jayden's head.

"Wh... what's going on? "Jayden asked the voice.

"I will introduce myself, but first, you need to see this. "As the female voice came, a message popped into Jayden's retina, startling him.


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