Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 2150 Selections
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Chapter 2150 Selections

[...Thank you for covering for me, good luck.]

Klea finally received a message from Emery just three days before the last round of the mid-exam started. Fortunately, she had anticipated such a situation and was relieved to hear from him again.

"There is nothing to worry about; we are ready for this!" she announced to the acolytes after sharing the news.

Her confidence was contagious, and the acolytes embraced it, diving into even more rigorous training while utilizing all their contribution points rewards from the previous games. Klea, too, took the time to train diligently with Ashaka.

Three days passed quickly, and the hall's advancement exam began. The 10 highest-rank lower hall from the Magus games faced off against the 10 lowest-ranked from the middle hall in the great arena. Thousands of spectators gathered to witness the intense competition, the air buzzing with anticipation and excitement.

Grand Magus Aurora, the majestic-looking Deputy Headmaster, opened the event and the crowd erupted in cheers as the 20 teams filled the arena, the atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation.

The rules were simple: the top 10 best-ranking lower hall teams would have one chance to choose an opponent from among the 10 middle hall for a challenge. Each confrontation would consist of a five versus five team battle followed by an instructor battle. Winning both battles would grant the lower hall team advancement, allowing them to take their opponent's rank as their own.

Rank 1, with the highest Magus games scores, had the privilege of choosing their opponent first, followed by Rank 2, Rank 3, and then Hall 120 who ranked fourth would have their pick.

Being the first to choose was a significant advantage. After all, having low scores in their Magus games doesn't necessarily mean that any of these teams were weak.

For example, Hall 60 was known to have five silver insignia acolytes in their group. Despite having a formidable team, they fell into a trap early in the Magus games, resulting in their low scores.

Most importantly, four halls among them had Grand Magus figures as their assistants, making them the least chosen halls.

To ensure the highest chance of advancement, Hall 82, considered the favorite lower hall for advancement, strategically chose Hall 67 as their opponent. Hall 67 was perceived as one of the weakest halls, with a less impressive team and led by an average full moon magus instructor.

The anticipation was high as the teams faced off in the arena. The crowd watched intently as spells clashed and strategies unfolded. Within less than an hour, Hall 82 had secured their victory, earning the right to advance to the middle hall. Similar developments unfolded in the second and third matches. The battle was intense, with both teams showcasing their skills and determination. However, only one of the two won and earned their advancement to the middle hall. 𝚏ree𝚠𝚎𝐛nove𝚕.com

The crowd's reaction was a mix of cheers and gasps, reflecting the high stakes and unpredictable nature of the competition. The victorious teams celebrated, while those who fell short reflected on their performance, determined to come back stronger in the future.

Finally, it was Hall 120's turn. Klea had to make her final decision, carefully selecting among the seven remaining halls. Her primary goal was to choose an opponent with an instructor she felt most confident in defeating. First, Klea eliminated the four halls with grand magus instructors. Next, she dismissed Hall 62, the half-blood hall led by Harambe, who possessed immense battle power and vast combat experience. This left her with two remaining options.

Among the final two, she decided to avoid the spirit master instructor, whose abilities could pose unpredictable challenges, leaving her with Hall 60, known for its formidable five silver insignia acolytes. As she made her decision, Dillon voiced his thoughts, "Don't worry, Master. We are ready for this!"

[You are challenging Hall 60 for hall advancement]

The crowd erupted in cheers as the two teams presented their lineup of five names. Hall 120 selected Dillon, Damo, Kat, Blaine, and Ha Ron. With one gold, one silver, and two bronze insignia acolytes, they boasted a formidable lineup.

According to the battle rules, the higher insignia members had to be placed last. This meant Ha Ron was the first to enter the stage. As he stepped forward, King Rig shouted, "You have stolen my spot! You better win!!"

Having spent his earned contribution points from the Magus games in the Origin Stone Room, Ha Ron felt prepared to fight with his newly formed third pillar. Unfortunatly, his opponent was a third-year acolyte at the peak of rank 9, a seasoned fighter.

The signal to start was given, and Ha Ron immediately launched into his shadow evasion techniques, blending into the darkness and reappearing at unpredictable angles. His sword flashed in the dim light of the arena, aiming for vital points with precision. Despite his skillful maneuvers, his opponent was equally adept, countering every strike with swift parries and deft footwork.

Minutes turned into what felt like an eternity as Ha Ron tried every trick in his arsenal. His opponent's relentless assault began to wear him down, and fatigue started to set in.

The battle ended with Ha Ron lying on the ground, unable to continue. He had fought valiantly, but the third-year acolyte's superior strength and experience had prevailed. The crowd fell silent for a moment, then erupted in applause for both fighters' efforts.

"It's okay, having such a defeat will be a good experience for him," Klea thought.

Unfortunately for Hall 120, the tide didn't turn in their favor. Blaine, even with his formidable transformation, found himself overpowered by the same acolyte. His usually unstoppable might meet its match, and he was forced to concede after a grueling battle.

Next, it was Kat's turn. With a determined look, she stepped into the arena, her eyes blazing with fierce resolve. Kat's agility and combat skills shone as she danced around her opponent, striking with precision and force and finally giving Hall 120 their first win.

"You are next!!!" Kat shouted, her voice echoing through the arena as she charged forward with the ferocity of a hurricane. The crowd roared in anticipation. But despite her effort, the second silver insignia acolyte of Hall 60 proved too formidable. Their clash was a whirlwind of strikes and parries, but Kat was eventually overwhelmed.

The arena fell into a tense silence as Kat staggered back to her team, defeated. Things were starting to look bleak for Hall 120. They had only Dillon and Damo left to turn the tide.

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