Devouring the Hero's Family

Chapter 112: Sex And Dates After Finishing Work
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Chapter 112: Sex And Dates After Finishing Work

I continued my service to Lilith until the very end.

Generously, I applied lotion to Lilith’s horns, which drooped from her climax.

As a fragrant rose scent enveloped us, Lilith occasionally twitched.

After allowing her some time in that state, Lilith emerged from the afterglow of her climax, regaining her senses.

“How was it? Did you enjoy it?”

“Mmm… My horns definitely feel lighter.”

Lilith gently touched her horns.

If I was not mistaken, they seemed shinier than before I attended to them.

The effort to touch them so diligently was worth it.

She appeared quite satisfied herself.

Of course, this ‘satisfaction’ encompassed other forms of pleasure as well.

“…I never expected to receive such a service.”

“If you want it again, just let me know. I can’t do it too often, but I’m willing if you desire.”

“…….I’ll think about it. It’s still too stimulating for now.”

After all, reaching climax from having her horns touched was noteworthy.

Even a goddess would experience a dizzying pleasure unlike anything in her lifetime.

It must have been pleasurable, but it’s something to be cautious of if done too frequently.

“I feel so good and happy… I might become addicted if I keep receiving it…?”

“Well, that’s settled then. But feel free to ask anytime.”

Lilith quietly nodded.

Perhaps her satisfaction from the pleasure received made her so docile.

She seemed as gentle as a lamb.

I was relieved that our first service ended with such satisfaction.

After a while, Lilith inquired,

“So, what are you going to do about the hero party? I only know which city they’re in. Finding their exact location will take some time.”

“Look into it without overexerting yourself. I have some matters to attend to in my territory as well.”

I must flawlessly complete the conquest of Lorein.

And there’s the matter of the sisters that Priscilla asked me to investigate.

It wasn’t a good time to leave my territory just yet.

‘Actually, the urgency for the hero party isn’t that high.’

The hero party was nearly decimated as it stood.

A slight delay didn’t seem like it would make much of a difference.

On the other hand, the dynamics between Lorein and Ryuz were, how should I put it… akin to a leaking laboratory.

It’s manageable for the moment, but should a spark ignite, it would erupt into a fierce blaze.

“I personally would be intrigued to see them clash. However, it could become perilous if things escalate too much.”

“Are they not on good terms, being sisters and all?”

“It’s not that they’re on bad terms. Rather, there’s a mutual respect.”

That could potentially make things more volatile.

They were aware of each other’s allure.

Especially Ryuz, who held deep admiration for her elder sister, Lorein.

This feeling verged on turning into jealousy.

Hadn’t it been said by some wise person that admiration and understanding were the most distant of emotions?

“A woman driven by jealousy can be inherently dangerous.”


“If they were to seriously engage in conflict, it would be problematic. Both have recently reached a new level of power, or rather, they’ve awakened. Hence, they’re not adept at controlling their newfound strength.”

“……You’re the one who led them to this point.”

I had no rebuttal to that.

For Ryuz, inciting jealousy was also a crucial part of her training.

Lilith chuckled, seemingly entertained, and nodded.

“I understand. I’ll inform you if anything urgent comes up.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

“…Now that our business discussion is over…?”

Lilith lowered her hand and parted her legs.


With that lewd sound, her pink slit was exposed.

It trembled lewdly, as though pleading for immediate attention.

The devil’s tail swayed seductively, further enticing.

“It would be a pity not to indulge one last time before I depart, wouldn’t it…?”

Could any man resist such an invitation?

Her irresistible charm pulled me in.

I lunged at Lilith, seized the horns I had polished, and entered her.

-Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Ah! Ahh! This position… It feels incredible…?”

The succubus’s vagina eagerly sucked me in.

Now, only one of the three wishes that Lorein gave me was left.

When Lorein first mentioned she would give me three wishes, it seemed like more than enough.

But now that we’re down to the last one, it felt regrettable.

‘But I’ve used them quite productively.’

I dressed her in a maid’s outfit and taught her how to give fellatio.

And developed her anal skills.

Thanks to that, Lorein was growing into exactly my type of female.

And about that last wish.

I had already decided how I was going to use it.

“So, what is it? It can’t possibly be a wish for a date.”

I walked down the street alongside Lorein.

Lorein wore a hat pressed down and was in comfortable clothing.

The comfortable outfit wasn’t like the revealing ones she wore during exercise.

Hearing my words, she seemed newly conscious of her exposure.

Lately, even during her morning walks, Lorein had become more guarded.

Though it’s irrelevant to me, who could undress her at will.

“I was thinking we could shop for some supplies together.”


“You’ll see. There’s clothing that’s exactly to my taste.”

“…Something smells fishy. If it’s that kind of thing, I don’t think I need to come along.”

Lorein looked at me suspiciously.

Given that everything I had wished for so far had been risqué.

She naturally thought it would be something along those lines.

Which was actually correct.

“But I wanted to go with you since it’s a rare occasion.”


“Yes, walking like this, doesn’t it feel just like a date?”


Lorein came closer and affectionately linked her arm with mine.

I could feel the soft touch of her breasts against my arm.

“If it were a real date, wouldn’t we have to do at least this much?”

“Oh, have you done this before?”

“…Stop asking when you already know everything.”

Lorein, who had been a virgin until she met me, frowned.

Well, Lorein could choose any man she wanted with her looks alone if she set her mind to it.

It would be more accurate to say she had built a fortress around herself.

“……Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve walked down the street alone with a man.”

“Weren’t there times during your academy days? Like when doing assignments or working in teams.”

The academy, especially the knight department, tends to have a lot of group activities.

Lorein pondered for a moment, then shook her head.

“I don’t remember.”

“……That’s a bit much.”

“Well, it can’t be helped. I was only interested in swords back then.”

Lorein blushed as she made her excuse.

“And… there weren’t any men as wonderful as you at the academy.”

…That was quite powerful.

If it weren’t for the public street, I would have kissed her right away.

“Could you say that one more time? I didn’t catch it properly.”

“…You’re being too mischievous these days.”

We joked like this as we walked down the street.

I could feel people glancing over at us.

Lorein did her best to disguise herself, even wearing her hat low.

But her beauty isn’t the kind that can be easily hidden.

‘Before being the lord’s daughter, with that body, it’s impossible not to catch eyes.’

Her large chest was visible even through her clothes.

A perfect line that would put most models to shame.

Any man… no, even a woman would naturally be drawn to her.

That’s how overwhelming Lorein’s physique was.

“Are we still far?”

“We’re almost there.”

With that, I entered a dark alley.

The place we came out to was what you’d commonly call a cosplay shop.

Unlike its dim surroundings, this place maintained bright colors.

Lorein’s eyes widened slightly.

“I didn’t know such a place existed.”

“It’s hard to find unless you’re really looking for it.”

The advantage of this game was that, while the basic setting was medieval fantasy, it incorporated modern elements.

The filming equipment I often used and modern-looking outfits fall into this category.

Well, it was an adult game at its core. They probably focused more on convenience and eroticism.

Cosplay items were something I frequently used in the game.

There was a distinct pleasure in dressing the characters in erotic outfits.

Depending on the level of affection, it was even possible to outfit a knight in bikini armor.

“It was weird that those had the highest defense…”

After briefly reminiscing, I pulled Lorein by the arm.

“Let’s not just stand here, shall we go in?”

“Ah, I’m not mentally prepared yet…”

We opened the door and entered the shop.

The shop owner didn’t say a word upon seeing us.

Not because of poor customer service, but because that’s their business style.

A shop primarily for couples to buy erotic items.

Interfering with unnecessary conversation could be bothersome.


Lorein seemed slightly overwhelmed by the shop’s interior.

Inside were all sorts of cosplay items, erotic lingerie, and even adult toys.

When Lorein caught sight of a dildo the size of a cucumber, she turned her head away, her face flushed with embarrassment.

“Why are you so shy?”

“I’m not shy; I’m embarrassed, you pervert.”

“This isn’t such a bad store. More women shop here than men, actually.”

“Women? Here? Why on earth?”

“To give their boyfriends a little event.”

I pointed to a Santa outfit of the miniskirt type hanging on one side.

“Men love it when their girlfriends wear something like this for Christmas.”

“…….Do you too?”

“I do like it. But my taste is more towards that side.”

I showed Lorein a cosplay outfit that was deeper inside the store.

Seeing it, Lorein froze on the spot.

“What, what is that? Do people actually wear that?”

What caught Lorein’s eye was none other than a bunny girl outfit.

A black leotard reminiscent of a swimsuit.

Around the neck, there was a place to attach a black bow.

Especially notable were the black bunny ears.

Below that were fishnet stockings and high heels laid out neatly.

This seemed more aligned with the shop owner’s personal taste than a coherent set.

“You, you’re not suggesting I wear that, are you?”

“Why not? You’ve worn a maid outfit before; there’s nothing to be shy about now.”

“That’s different! A maid outfit is clearly clothing, but bunny girl outfits are really… worn only for one specific purpose.”

From my perspective as someone from the modern era, maid outfits also tended to be more about cosplay.

However, it appeared that Lorein, who was originally from this world, saw it differently.

In fact, to some, a bunny girl outfit might even appear more provocative than underwear.

‘I mean, bunny girls are incredibly sexy to me.’

I could understand why Lorein was feeling embarrassed.

But I was not about to let her off the hook.

I wanted to see Lorein in a bunny girl outfit even more than she was embarrassed by the idea.

“Uhm, the more you dislike it, the more it excites me.”


Lorein gave me a resentful look, her face turning even redder.

What my ultimate wish was.

By now, that was unmistakably clear.

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