Chapter 106
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Chapter 106

    Old Steel Great Line(4)

    The Korean team has arrived.

    Neogi, who was sitting quietly in the management office, turned his head at the sound of his subordinates voice.

    Gather them in the multipurpose room. Also, inform the other teams that the meeting is starting.

    After giving the instructions, Neogis gaze lingered on the table, where documents provided information about the companies tasked with the precise inspection of the pipelines at the oil facility.

    Baker Hughes- Machinery experts. Patented technology in data accumulation using robots, infrared imaging techniques, and leakage detection sensors.

    Rust Guard- Corrosion specialist. Produces corrosion-resistant products independently. Extensive experience in managing numerous aging pipelines within the United States.

    Yujin Chemical- Structural support experts with a mobile research lab capable of independent detection and on-site analysis.

    Neogi let out a small sigh. The main reason for summoning three external companies simultaneously was the inadequacy of TAPS engineers alone to safeguard this extensive facility.

    Particularly, the incident last month involving a corroded pipe at [Pump Station 7], resulting in the leakage of 300 barrels of crude oil, was critical. With each passing day, the risk of accidents increased on the pipeline, and the pressure from environmental groups, the media, and federal regulators intensified.

    Five years as an oil pipeline manager in a place where even a one-day shutdown can make international oil prices to fluctuate.

    Neogi had only accumulated a stack of unused vacation days, digestive issues, stress-induced hair loss, and no time to spare.


    -Everyone is here.

    Upon receiving the message from his subordinate, Neogi stood up from his seat and put on his coat.

    Inside a spacious building filled with various tools, Jeong-woo was observing two different companies.

    Baker Hughes had only five personnel. They were assembling components atop a maintenance platform, with a robot resembling an excavator, 5 meters in length.

    Thats a $3 million smart pig. It moves through the pipelines, detecting potential hazards along the way.

    Jeong-woos jaw dropped when Shin Seong-beom tol him the value of the impressive machine.

    Rust Guard had a bustling atmosphere. Most of them were men in their thirties or forties, all wearing cowboy hats and sunglasses.

    Probably around sixty people.

    Observing the tall and muscular white men dressed uniformly, Jeong-woo couldnt help but think, They exude a cool vibe.

    Do you know them, Deputy Shin?

    Rust Guard is well-known in North America. They use their magnetic field detectors to move through the pipelines and detect any issues.

    For 800 miles?

    There are hundreds of corrosion inspection specialists like you in their company, Jeong-woo.

    If it was divided among many people, Jeong-woo could understand.

    Jeong-woo continued to find it fascinating that cowboys with the unique profession of corrosion inspection specialists were handling a $3 million precision machine.


    As the sound of a truck engine echoed outside, a casually dressed man with rough skin and eyeglasses opened the door and entered.

    Seeing the access card hanging around his neck with Management supervisor written on it, Jeong-woo sensed that he was the overall responsible person for this task.

    Looking around at the gathered people, the man spoke.

    Im Bhaskar Neogi. Would the team leaders from each group please come this way?

    Including Joo Hana, the team leaders from both companies approached Neogi.

    The management supervisor looks completely Korean.

    According to the information he heard, over half of the employees here were Inupiat. The employee who gave them a ride in a car was also of the Inuit tribe.

    People are not unfamiliar, which is good, but its tough with this kind of weather outside.

    Even though it was the same sub-zero temperature, Jeong-woo keenly felt the weight of the winds chill the moment they got off the plane. The frozen warehouse training was just childs play.

    Jeong-woo glanced towards Wolf and Kaya.

    Wolf, silently standing with his arms crossed, and Kaya, who was filming in all directions with her action cam on her wrist, showed no signs of being affected by the cold.

    Mr. Han.

    Kaya, making eye contact, spoke to Jeong-woo.

    Could you say hello to everyone here?

    Hello~ Should I film too?

    Its a trip with everyone. Mr. Shin. Over here.

    Responding to Kayas call, Shin Seong-beom either smiled at the action cam or at her, casting a glance between her and Wolf, then immediately turned his head away after catching Wolfs indifferent gaze.

    Please share the preparations each team has been making.

    David, the Baker Hughes team leader holding a monkey wrench, was the first to speak.

    As soon as the entrance to the pipeline is ready for maintenance, we can deploy the smart pig.

    We tried using a pig with an ultrasonic detector long ago, but it couldnt collect sufficient data due to the wax build-up inside.

    Baker Hughes magnetic sensor is much more precise. We dont consider old issues as a concern.

    Raylan, the Rust Guard team leader, interjected with a grin.

    Hey, Dave. Why arent you mentioning the new issue? Those sensors get buried in wax and break easily.

    David, giving Raylan a sharp look, asked.

    And you think detecting pulses with a voltage meter used 40 years ago is the solution?

    The simpler the structure, the less likely it is to betray you. Mr. Neogi, we are ready to depart anytime. Weve perfectly planned the route, and well finish the 800 miles in not 20 but within 12 days.

    How about staying below -20 degrees Celsius for the entire week?

    No problem. We, former cowboys, roamed the Rockies in the dead of winter. Minus 20 degrees is a warm temperature for us.

    Confident in Raylans assurance, the tall men nearby laughed. Of course, David smirked with a slightly annoyed expression.

    Amidst the tense competition between the two teams, Neogis gaze turned to Joo Hana.

    What about Yujin Chemical? Since you arrived less than 30 minutes ago, you can discuss the overall preparations for tomorrow, the start date.

    David and Raylan also directed their eyes at Joo Hana.

    As both men seemed to underestimate her from the beginning of the meeting, Joo Hana intended to respond carefully. However, she overheard a conversation in the background.

    Machines and people. Even in such unfamiliar work, theres an overflow of experts.

    Mr. Jeong-woo, you still dont seem to know how much impact youll have on these companies.

    No way.

    Though joining at the last moment, the presence of the most reliable team member was reassuring.

    Joo Hana faced the two men and spoke.

    We completed our preparations a month ago. Yujin Chemical will demonstrate the results, not just talk like these gentlemen here.

    David showed surprise in his eyes, and Raylan chuckled unexpectedly. ๐‘“๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐“ฎ๐“Œ๐‘’๐’ท๐˜ฏโ„ด๐‘ฃ๐“ฎ๐“.๐’ธโ„ด๐˜ฎ

    Everyone, please pay attention.

    Neogi gathered the team members from the three companies in the multipurpose room and raised his voice.

    Once considered the largest private project in the United States, praised as the pinnacle of engineering achievement, the pipeline has now become an ailing old man. I hope all of you can find the right diagnosis and solution.

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