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Chapter 1340 Terrifying power

1340 Terrifying power

Bai Zemin felt a mighty but unknown power rushing through him.

It was like a torrent of incomprehensible strength that appeared out of nowhere within himself and, to his pleasant surprise, this strength seemed to be no less than all the strength he had been accumulating with great difficulty over the course of more than three years after countless sacrifices and hardships.

After thinking for a moment, Bai Zemin descended the mountain and remained silent for several minutes as he stared at the huge uplift of earth and stone in front of him.

His right fist clenched and tightened continuously as he fixed his gaze on the mountain, a single thought passing through his head.


Bai Zemin clenched his fist tightly, and at a distance of half a kilometer away from the mountain, he struck with 20% of his full Strength. This level of strength was a lot but it was still not enough to destroy a mountain over 1500 meters high at 500 meters distance. At most, 2/4 parts of the mountain would collapse considering that the earth and stones were full of energy.

Therefore, Bai Zemin shouted in his heart, "Ancestral Bloodline!"

The little lightning snakes in his meridians suddenly received some kind of stimulation and all of them ran straight towards the meridians on his right arm, rushing towards his clenched fist at lightning speed.

It was in that moment that Bai Zemin's expression abruptly changed as he perceived that something was off.

Just a blink of an eye before striking with 100% of the power of his Ancestral Bloodline, Bai Zemin withdrew 60% of the power within his bloodline in this attack out of pure instinct.

A huge violet-colored fist formed from compressed air shot ferociously forward, provoking a fierce explosion that sent shockwaves and hurricane winds flying everywhere.

The violet fist slammed directly into the central part of the mountain and for a moment the world seemed to go sluggish.


The entire mountain collapsed, and at the same time the fist broke apart, countless violet lights flew everywhere. The violet lights struck the tens of thousands of all sorts of sized rock fragments, making them disappear from the world as if they had never been there.


At the same time as everything within several miles around rumbled, Bai Zemin stared down at his right arm with a dumb expression on his face and didn't even notice that the huge mountain had disappeared in front of his eyes.

All the skin and flesh on his right arm had completely disappeared while his muscles exploded into pieces.

Right now, all Bai Zemin could see was his platinum diamond-colored bones covered with cracks running from the top of his shoulder to his fingertips. Around him, a faint bloody mist rose silently in the direction of the clouds and then disappeared without the slightest obstruction.

Bai Zemin's face turned ghostly white and a trace of horror shone deep in his eyes. Just now he actually took half a step into the gates to the netherworld... one more breath and he would have been sent to pay his respects to King Yama.

Dying in battle was a thing and Bai Zemin could probably accept it even if he was unwilling... But dying while testing your strength was truly terrifying and ridiculous.

"You bastard..." Bai Zemin sucked in a breath of cold air as he felt like howling at the sky from the pain he felt.

The pain was partially from his skin and flesh exploding into a bloody mist, but most of the pain was coming from the meridians in his right arm and his hand almost shattering into pieces.

It was obvious that his current physical body was too weak to withstand the power of his Ancestral Bloodline. If Bai Zemin would have continued forward and didn't draw back most of his bloodline's strength before attacking he probably would have exploded without leaving even a bone behind.

"What kind of fucked up power is this?!" Bai Zemin roared furiously but naturally, no one answered him.

His physical body was so strong that unless a nuclear bomb hit his head he could basically ignore all attacks below the Fourth Order. However, even his physical body could not withstand even 40% of the strength of his Ancestral Bloodline.

In fact, Bai Zemin knew instinctively that with every 10% increase, the destructive power behind his bloodline would increase tremendously. He had a terrifying premonition that if he used 100% of the power of his Ancestral Bloodline not even his soul would be spared, let alone his physical body.

After taking several deep breaths as he felt he was starting to lose control of his emotions, he sat down on the ground and took out a small red pearl. It was the Liquid Storage Pearl that Shangguan Bing Xue gave him several years ago; even now it was still of utmost importance to him and he never let go of it.

Bai Zemin spent a total of 4 hours using the highest quality blood stored in the Liquid Storage Pearl and only then was he able to grow the flesh of his arm, as well as a new layer of skin. However, this arm basically hung uselessly so he had to spend another 6 hours connecting the nerve endings and tendons.

What gave him the most headache were his half-destroyed meridians. Bai Zemin spent a total of 10 hours to repair them and the process was so painful that it felt like a piece of his soul was getting ripped out by biting it off.

"For a couple of days it will be better not to use too much strength with my right arm. The skin and flesh are too fragile, like that of a baby. If I were to hit something or someone with this kind of new arm it would probably bang again." Bai Zemin wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled bitterly, "I shouldn't even think about using Mana or Spiritual Power with my right arm for at least a week. My meridians won't be able to handle the load at all so I must wait for them to finish hardening."

This really felt like wanting to lift a rock with the intention of hitting someone only to end up dropping it on his own feet.

Despite feeling frustrated and angry inside, Bai Zemin found some comfort when he looked at the scene before his eyes.

The entire 1.500-meter-high mountain disappeared. Surprisingly, the land around it was flat and apart from a light layer of dust there was no trace of destruction at all.

This was not just simple destruction, it went beyond that...

After pondering for a moment, Bai Zemin pulled out a sword from his storage ring and tapped on it repeatedly with his finger. He didn't use much strength, just a few taps that made small clinking sounds on the metal.

"You have to work whether you like it or not!" Bai Zemin gritted his teeth and again activated his Ancestral Bloodline.

This time he had already learned his lesson so he wasn't as bold as before. He only used 1% and with only one finger as he didn't feel like risking his other arm in case things went south.

Bai Zemin repeated the move from before and tapped his index finger on the silver sword blade using exactly the same level of power, but this time there was a faint violet light on his finger.


Under his shocked and stupefied gaze, the silver blade broke in two and the detached half flew a couple of meters before falling limp to the ground.

"No shit..." Bai Zemin trembled and his expression turned comical as he stared in disbelief on the broken half of the Rank 3 sword in his left hand.

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