Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 739 - A Ring Specially Prepared for Ancient One
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Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 739 A Ring Specially Prepared for Ancient One

This battle was indeed not something that Strange could intervene in.

If this future Sorcerer Supreme wants to participate in this kind of super battle, he would need at least a few hundred more years of training…

Perhaps he only had the qualifications to play around in this kind of battle?

If he acted rashly now, he would simply be sending himself to his death!


Ancient One’s expression immediately became somewhat nervous. She really couldn’t sit still and watch as Uehara Naraku wanted to attack her student from the future…

According to Uehara Naraku’s strength…

The shock wave he released at close range was even enough to kill Strange!

Ancient One reached out and lifted her long robe. She raised one leg and drew an arc, then stomped heavily on the ground. The entire world instantly began to twist and turn!

Everyone’s bodies fell from the ground involuntarily, and everyone scrambled to find a place to stay. Strange also slipped down next to Uehara Naraku!

Fortunately, the cloak on Strange’s body carried him up into the air…

As for the others, they could only stand on the wall of the tall building!

The entire mirror dimension…

The ground directly flipped ninety degrees!

A strange vertical line appeared in the sky and the earth!

Uehara Naraku’s body slowly floated in the air. He lowered his head and looked at Ancient One. His fingers slowly stretched out and a laser beam shot out!

Ancient One raised her left hand and quickly released a defensive magic circle to block the laser attack. Her right hand quickly formed a strange hand seal and bent down to hit the ground!

The entire space distorted like waves!

In addition to the area where the future people stood, the tall buildings above the mirror dimension all broke apart with the vertical ground. These tall buildings began to fall like a waterfall and smashed into Uehara Naraku’s body!

A dense number of tall buildings fell from the sky!

This was more than half of the New York high-rise buildings in the mirror dimension!

Hundreds and thousands of broken high-rise buildings and ruins fell together, wanting to drown Uehara Naraku directly and let him have an endless free fall with half of New York!

Uehara Naraku raised his head and looked at the danger in the sky. His eyes quietly turned into the Rinnegan. Watching Ancient One who was controlling everything. The corners of his mouth slowly uttered a few words.

“Six Paths – Planetary Devastation.”

Following Uehara Naraku’s voice…

The entire mirror dimension suddenly changed!

Ancient One’s expression immediately turned ugly. She could feel that her body seemed to have been locked onto by Uehara Naraku’s strange eyes!

The next moment…

An endless gravitational pull emanated from her body. The broken high-rise buildings and ruins that were still falling were attracted to her out of thin air!


It wasn’t just the broken high-rise buildings and ruins that had fallen!

Even the surface of the mirror dimension that was vertical in the sky began to split apart, and the earth shattered into pieces and flew toward Ancient One along with the broken high-rise buildings and ruins!

This was the Planetary Devastation that Uehara Naraku had released!

With the body of Ancient One as the core, the entire New York in the mirror dimension was transformed into a power that would seal this Sorcerer Supreme!

“This is…”

Ancient One quickly flicked her palm, and a spatial fluctuation appeared once again, attempting to disperse the ruins that were surrounding her!

Everything in the mirror dimension flipped over once again!

The earth and the sky were parallel once again!


It was of no use at all!

All the objects in the mirror dimension, including the future people, involuntarily flew toward Ancient One!


They were just a subsidiary seal of Planetary Devastation. It was not difficult for them to resist this gravity. Thanos grabbed Steve Rogers while Dr. Banner grabbed Dr. Strange!

The four people from the future stood in the same place and watched the destruction of the entire mirror dimension, and also the seemingly powerless Ancient One…

Under the gaze of this group of people.

Endless earth fragments and broken high-rise buildings submerged Ancient One’s body…


A huge ball appeared in the sky.

The entire ball was floating in the air. The shadow that covered the sky covered the mirror dimension, making people involuntarily feel awe in their hearts…


It was still releasing gravitational pull.

If this ball appears in outer space, it will slowly attract the meteorites and planet fragments in space, growing into a real planet…

The only problem was that there was something wrong with the core of this planet. The core of the planet was actually a Sorcerer Supreme who resisted the invasion of the dark dimension…

“This power…”

Thanos slowly clenched his fists. His voice sounded a little hoarse, “Create and destroy without the power of Infinity Stones… In this timeline, Uehara Naraku already has the power of a god.”


It was even more terrifying than the legendary Celestial!

Thanos had once heard of a Celestial called Ego in the universe.

Ego relied on his core to slowly attract meteorite stardust. After a long period of growth, his body turned into a complete planet.

However, right in front of these future people, Uehara Naraku showed how to create a planet…


With just a glance, he could create a planet.

How was this fun!

Fortunately, they still had a glimmer of hope.

Thanos knew that when the power of the six Infinity Stones gathered together, it possessed the power to destroy the entire universe. This power would definitely be able to contend against the future Uehara Naraku…

To be honest, Thanos who came from the future had experienced a lot. In fact, he had always wanted to find a beautiful planet to retire and farm… Even Thanos had already found a planet to live in seclusion, and there was no one else living on that planet!


Before Thanos could retire, he heard that the planet had been devoured by Uehara Naraku. Therefore, it was really not easy for this Titan Overlord to maintain his calm attitude when facing Uehara Naraku…

This could also prove how rational Thanos was.

This could also prove how many people Uehara Naraku had provoked in the future… Uehara Naraku seemed to never let go of anything that could make people feel uncomfortable.

Just as the others thought that Ancient One had been defeated, the entire mirror dimension seemed to be frozen. Time fell into a standstill at this moment!

The next moment…

The ball in the sky slowly split apart.

Everything in the mirror dimension seemed to be slowly restoring itself. Everything returned to its original position. The future people returned to their original positions without realizing it…

“The power of the Time Stone…”

Strange immediately sensed the strangeness of time. However, his strength could not compete with time, and could only accept it.


It was slowly resetting.

A person’s memory would also reset with time.

Everything would return to that fixed point in time.

Ancient One sealed in the Planetary Devastation used the Time Stone in her hand to reset the entire mirror dimension!

She wanted to use this method to get out of this predicament!

Or rather, she wanted to use this method to try and defeat Uehara Naraku!

Uehara Naraku’s eyes flashed slightly. His memories did not disappear. In fact, he was not affected by the Time Stone at all. It was as if he was an outsider in this universe…

Everything was returning to its original state…

The Planetary Devastation in the sky quickly fell down, and the entire earth gradually returned to its original state. This scene seemed so magical in Uehara Naraku’s eyes…

Time reset!

It was the true ability to change the past!

Ancient One’s figure reappeared with Planetary Devastation’s disappearance. A green light floated on her chest, and in the center of the light was a small green stone!

That was the Time Stone!

“Universal Pull!”

Uehara Naraku raised his palm. A gravitational force instantly flew out from his palm, attracting the Time Stone on Ancient One’s chest to fly towards him!


Ancient One formed a hand seal in an instant and put the Time Stone back into her hand. She already knew everything by looking at Uehara Naraku’s movements!

This was a powerful enemy like Dormammu!

No, this guy was even more dangerous and terrifying than Dormammu!

Ancient One couldn’t use the Time Stone in this battle anymore because she already had no confidence in winning. She can’t keep the Time Stone with her anymore…

The only way…

Perhaps it was to believe in her own choice and give the Time Stone to Strange. At least, Strange should not disappoint her expectations!

However, there was another problem here…

That was, Uehara Naraku also hoped that she would give the Time Stone to Strange at the beginning… If her guess was correct, it should be that Uehara Naraku was confident in obtaining the Time Stone from Strange.


Ancient One believed in the successor she had chosen!


Ancient One’s gaze landed on Strange and he said softly, “I placed the Time Stone in space you know, and left this timeline with the Time Stone! Don’t hesitate, I will stop Uehara Naraku for you!”


Strange nodded quickly. His fingers suddenly grabbed the air, and a dark green light appeared at his fingertips!

As Sorcerer Supreme, Strange naturally knew which space Ancient One had put the Time Gem in. So he quickly got the Time Gem that Ancient One wanted to give him!

Right now, their most important goal in this timeline has been achieved!

The next moment…

Strange waved his hand and held the Time Gem in his hand. He activated the time-traveling suits on his body and loudly reminded his companions, “We can’t stay in this timeline anymore. Uehara Naraku is too dangerous…”


The others nodded one after another!

Everyone puts on their time-traveling suits again!

Originally, they wanted to get the other Infinity Stones in the Battle of New York in this timeline. Now, they could only think of a way to find it in another timeline…


The future Dr. Pym was still around.

They still have hope for time travel.

However, this kind of time travel was too dangerous…

Originally, the Battle of New York was a relatively safe period of time. What they, the future generations, were worried about was the arrival of the Ancient One and Akatsuki…

In the end, the most dangerous person in this timeline was still Uehara Naraku!

Damn it…

He was really good at lying!

That bastard actually hid his superpower before the Battle of New York. At least the few people present did not have the confidence to fight with Ancient One!

This swindler Uehara Naraku was really too much of a scam…

The most dangerous person in the future was Uehara Naraku. The most dangerous person in this timelime was still Uehara Naraku, and it even caused some psychological trauma to them…


Ancient One took a deep look at Strange and said in a low voice, “I believe you will make the most correct choice…”


Strange and the other activated the time-traveling suit. Their figures instantly shrank and disappeared, directly leaving this timeline!

Ancient One looked at Uehara Naraku warily.

Because she knew that with Uehara Naraku’s strength, he would definitely be able to stop them before they disappeared…


Uehara Naraku did not make a move.

There was even a hint of a smile on Uehara Naraku’s lips.

“Don’t worry.”

Uehara Naraku slowly waved his hand. He glanced at the place where Strange and the others had disappeared and chuckled, “I really hope that they can use the Infinity Stones’ strength to defeat the future me…”



If there was a chance.

“In your body…”

Ancient One looked at Uehara Naraku’s smile and her expression became more and more serious, “There is an incomprehensible confidence… This kind of confidence… will really make people who are on the opposite side feel fear.”

“Then why are you standing on the opposite side of me?”

Uehara Naraku looked at Ancient One. There was still a faint smile on his lips, and his voice became a little soft, “Actually, I have always respected you…”




“These people all have their distinct markings on them.”

Uehara Naraku stared at Ancient One, the smile on his face unprecedentedly sincere, “But, in my opinion, they are far inferior to Sir Ancient One… This is my most sincere thought.”


Ancient One frowned slightly.

At this moment, Ancient One did not quite understand what Uehara Naraku meant. Her strength was indeed very strong, but she was not truly omnipotent.

“I really hope that you can join us.”

Uehara Naraku stretched out his palm. A black hole space channel appeared in his hand, and a delicate ring finger landed in his palm.

Uehara Naraku threw the ring in his hand to Ancient One and said with a smile, “That ring is Akatsuki’s communication tool and status symbol…”


Ancient One’s brows were still tightly knitted.

This Sorcerer Supreme lowered her head to look at the ring in her hand. This ring was very exquisitely made, and could even accommodate the amount of magic power in her body.

There was a black word carved on the ring.


“It can be considered a coincidence…”

Uehara Naraku spread out his palm and explained with a smile, “The code name of the previous leader of Akatsuki, Nagato-sama, is zero… Sir Ancient One, I specially prepared this for you.”

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