Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 737 - Ancient One: I Won’t Lend It! Uehara: Lend It Quickly!
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Behind the Scenes in Naruto World Chapter 737 Ancient One: I Won’t Lend It! Uehara: Lend It Quickly!

Stark Tower.

The war in New York was still going on.

The atmosphere in this building was even more tense than the war.

The future Steve Rogers, Thanos, and the others stared at Uehara Naraku. This person who hid his identity and strength turned a blind eye to their expressions. He was still standing in the glass floor-to-ceiling window and admiring what happening outside.

“My subordinates are not bad, right?”

A smile appeared on the corners of Uehara Naraku’s mouth. He slowly turned his head to look at these warriors from the future. His gaze finally stopped on Thanos.

“It is indeed not bad.”

Thanos twisted his wrist.

Compared to the Chitauri and the Alien Legion under his command, Akatsuki’s army could be considered the most elite army in the entire universe.

Strictly obedience.

Or rather, all of them were under the control of Akatsuki’s higher-ups.

As for the Akatsuki’s higher-ups, they were more powerful than the Five Black Order Generals under him. The two were completely different levels!

Thanos slowly lowered his eyes and looked at Uehara Naraku in front of him. He suddenly stretched out his big hand and grabbed Uehara Naraku’s head!

“Don’t be impulsive!”

Dr. Strange wanted to stop Thanos!

However, his movements were a step too slow!

No, it could be said that someone was a step faster!

Uehara Naraku’s figure suddenly appeared next to Thanos. He grabbed Thanos’ finger with one hand and smashed this Galactic Overlord to the ground!

The luxurious floor instantly shattered!

“Didn’t you hear him?”

Uehara Naraku looked at Thanos on the ground, and raised his eyebrows, “Your companion told you not to be too impulsive…”

Before Uehara Naraku could finish speaking, a chuckle suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth and he added, “It’s so unacceptably weak…”

In the next second, his fist directly smashed down!

At this moment, it was as if Uehara Naraku wanted to kill this Thanos who had come from the distant future universe on the spot, and everyone’s faces were unable to conceal their shock!

Steve Rogers flew in front of Uehara Naraku and waved the shield in his hand, wanting to send Uehara Naraku flying!

His actions…

All he got in return was a mocking chuckle…


Uehara Naraku suddenly opened his fist and grabbed the shield in Steve Rogers’ hands. His five fingers suddenly left five deep finger holes in it!

This guy…

His battle style was still so unexpected!


Uehara Naraku kicked Steve Rogers’ lower abdomen, directly sending him flying. The floor cracked and gravel flew everywhere!

“I can’t let go of my hands and feet here…”

Uehara Naraku turned to look at Dr. Strange who was full of vigilance and rubbed his fingers, “Dr. Strange, can you open a door for me? Take me to see Ancient One, the Sorcerer Supreme of this era!”

Uehara Naraku looked at the four people present and continued softly, “A group of suitable opponents should match a suitable battlefield…”

“You know what will happen in the future…”

Dr. Strange’s pupils contracted slightly.

If time didn’t go wrong, Dr. Strange of this era was still a doctor, and he still did not have any contact with the magical side…

This Uehara Naraku…

Why did he act like he was very familiar with him?


Uehara Naraku raised a finger and shook it. He chuckled and said, “Isn’t everything that is going to happen in the future under my guidance?”

Uehara Naraku laughed and spread out his palm. He shook his head as if he was helpless. In the next second, his voice suddenly became low.

“When you return to your own timeline…”

Uehara Naraku’s fingers closed together little by little under their gaze, and his eyes became a little breathtaking, “You will know what is happening here now… Whether you come to this era to borrow the Infinity Stones,

Or want to make up for the so-called life regret…”

Uehara Naraku’s gaze finally stopped on Captain America, and his smile made people feel a chill in their hearts, “…Forget it…I have left you a pretty big surprise in the future. I wish you a happy journey back. “

“As for now…”

Uehara Naraku’s figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Dr. Strange. His palm directly grabbed Sorcerer Supreme’s neck and coldly ordered, “Take me to see the Sorcerer Supreme Ancient One… I haven’t had a good fight in a long time.”

The corner of Uehara Naraku’s mouth revealed a faint smile. His fingers slowly released Dr. Strange’s neck, and his voice was suddenly mixed with some praise.

“It just so happens that there are a few suitable punching bags here.”


Everyone present could not help but fall silent.

What did he take them for?

Using them as punching bags for practice?

No matter which era it was, this bastard Uehara Naraku still did not seem to know how to speak properly. Was this what a f*cking normal person should say?

Uehara Naraku looked at Dr. Strange who was standing in place and refused to move. He frowned and explained softly, “Dr. Strange, you should know that in this era, there is no one who can save you other than the Sorcerer Supreme Ancient One. You better be obedient…”


Dr. Strange was still silent.

Just as Dr. Strange was silent, a circular spatial door with sparks all around it slowly opened, and a gentle sigh came from inside.

“Strange, bring him along.”

It was a woman’s sigh.

The person who spoke did not seem to have any temper. Anyone who heard her voice could tell that she was detached from worldly affairs. She must be a person worthy of respect.

Uehara Naraku did not care whether there was a trap behind this space door. He stepped into the space door with his head held high and entered the other side of the space door.

Dr. Strange shook his head helplessly. He stepped into the space door with the other warriors from the future and went to see his teacher.

The Sorcerer Supreme of this era.

Ancient One.

New York Temple.

On the other side of the space door was the roof of the New York Temple. Standing here, you could see the fierce aerial battle in New York. The Ancient One was waiting for them here.

This Sorcerer Supreme was a Celtic with an androgynous personality.

Nowadays, Ancient One shows more of her feminine side, but she doesn’t have half a hair on her head, and she only wears an ancient brown robe.

“The scenery is good.”

Ancient One smiled and praised the battle between Akatsuki and Chitauri. She slowly turned her head to look at the group of guests and made a crisp snap.

A teapot and a few teacups floated in the air and slowly landed on the table on the roof. This was the most common way for sorcerers to show off their skills.

Ancient One glanced at everyone present, extended her hand to invite everyone to sit at the table, and upheld her hospitality with a smile, “Coffee? Tea? Juice? Beer?”

“Orange juice.”

Uehara Naraku ordered his drink without hesitation.

Hearing Uehara Naraku’s words, the eyes of everyone present could not help but twitch.

Ancient One did not care about Uehara Naraku’s request. After nodding with a smile, she slowly poured orange juice into the cup in front of Uehara Naraku with a teapot in her hand.

After Ancient One finished pouring the orange juice, she looked at the others present and continued to ask with a smile, “What about you guys?”



“Same, give them a glass of orange juice.”

Uehara Naraku interrupted them. He casually picked up the cup with orange juice and drank it. He continued in a low voice, “They come from the future. They should already know the truth of this world. Only the strong can make decisions.”


The future Steve Rogers could not help but twitch his mouth.

Even if a person with a big fist can make the decision, a guy who had to help others decide what to drink was just being too nosy…

“That’s right.”

Ancient One nodded gently, then slowly raised the teapot in her hand and poured a cup of orange juice into everyone’s cups.

This Sorcerer Supreme…

She has a tolerance that ordinary people could not imagine.

“I know the purpose of your visit…”

Ancient One slowly sat next to them and gently curved her eyes, “You want to borrow the Infinity Stones of this era. I can actually lend you the Time Stone… But…”


Everyone from the future subconsciously let out a sigh of relief.

If not for the fact that Uehara Naraku was still here, their mood would probably be much more relaxed. But at least, it didn’t delay their business.

“But when it comes to returning it…”

Ancient One’s smile became profound. Her eyes slowly fell on Uehara Naraku, “Perhaps it would become Mr. Uehara’s people who return it?”

This sentence directly exposed the truth.

“How could it be?”

Uehara Naraku shook his head slowly.

Alright, Ancient One guessed everything right.

Uehara Naraku really did not care about these future people borrowing the Time Stone in this timeline.

Regardless of whether these people brought the Time Stone back or if they wanted to do something else, as long as they borrowed the Time Stone, the Time Stone still would not be out of his control…


Because he had a chess piece.

Moreover, he could make himself more cheerful.

“For the sake of the stone’s safety, I can’t lend it to you…”

Ancient One stared at Uehara Naraku, and her voice gradually became heavier, “I haven’t completely seen what the future looks like, but among the countless changes in the future, there are still places that I can’t see…”

Ever since Ancient One saw Akatsuki’s army arrive in New York, she instantly became alert and hid in the New York Temple to investigate the future.

Just by borrowing the power of the Time Stone, Ancient One could explore tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of possibilities in just a few minutes… What was a little tricky was that the members of Akatsuki had no future to speak of.

The Time Stone was unable to investigate Akatsuki’s future of Akatsuki. It was even unable to probe their past. Ancient One could not help but feel that there was a problem with the Time Stone…

Ancient One explores her own future.


She discovered the truth of the trouble.

Every future possibility of her was more troublesome.

Among them, the one that troubled Ancient One the most was undoubtedly Uehara Naraku. This was a man who could make people wish they were dead…

Ancient One had seen many futures, such as using the results of her own exploration to remind people to be careful of Uehara Naraku.


The ending was still the same.

No, it should be said that the ending was even worse.

Ancient One could not help but look at Uehara Naraku in deep thought.

If she could use the Time Stone to investigate Uehara Naraku’s past or future direction, she might be able to find a way to change the future. Unfortunately, the power of the Time Stone could not affect Uehara Naraku. This person was even more troublesome than the darkness in the other dimension…

It was clearly several hundred years ago when she learned to use the Time Stone and began to explore her future, thus allowing herself to go to a more perfect ending…

As a result…

The future inadvertently changed again.

Why did time take a sudden turn?

Why did such a terrible person like Uehara Naraku appear in this universe?

“I’m sorry.”

Ancient One slowly shook her head. She looked at Dr. Strange with an apologetic expression and then looked at the others present, “I can’t lend out the Time Stone before I’ve truly explored all the changes in the future…”

“You can lend it to them.”

Uehara Naraku raised his eyebrows and put down the cup in his hand heavily, “The future Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange, personally came to borrow the Time Stone. He is the most outstanding one among you sorcerers. Don’t you believe him?”

“I believe in him.”

Ancient One nodded slowly, then shook her head firmly and slowly. Her eyes slowly moved from Strange to Uehara Naraku.

There was actually another sentence behind this.

Ancient One was embarrassed to say it in front of Uehara Naraku. Did she have to say it directly? I believe in Strange, but I can’t believe you!

Of course, Ancient One believed in Strange.

She personally selected this future Sorcerer Supreme.

However, this Uehara Naraku…

Ancient One really didn’t dare to believe in him…

“Let’s be fair…”

Uehara Naraku’s face became unprecedentedly serious. He continued in a deep voice, “Dr. Strange was chosen by you. Then believe in your own choice…”

“It’s fine…”

Dr. Strange did not know what Ancient One was thinking. He glanced at his teacher and then looked at Uehara Naraku. His expression was a little strange.

What the hell was going on?

Did these two people switch sides?

His teacher, the Sorcerer Supreme Ancient One, refused to lend them the Time Stone, but their enemy, Uehara Naraku, urged the Ancient One to lend them the Time Stone…


There seemed to be a conspiracy.

“Sorcerer Supreme Ancient One.”

Steve Rogers slowly raised his head. His gaze locked onto Uehara Naraku as he continued calmly, “Is it because our enemy is present…”

“Even if he is not present, I can not lend it to you…”

Ancient One frowned and continued softly, “I am sorry to let you waste your time. Many secrets can’t be explained in detail…”

“I understand.”

Dr. Strange nodded and glanced at their only enemy. He then looked at his companions, “Let’s go somewhere else…”


Uehara Naraku stopped them from leaving.

Uehara Naraku slowly pressed his palm on the table. He looked at Ancient One, and his eyes gradually became a little dangerous, “Please lend them the Time Stone! It’s not easy to come all the way here…”

“Besides…it’s rare for me to be kind…”

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