Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2925 - Offend My Sun, and Both Gods and Demons Shall Perish
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Chapter 2925 - Offend My Sun, and Both Gods and Demons Shall Perish

The Inheritance of the Primordial God-Emperor, with the blessing of tens of trillions of people, allows me to directly soar to a higher stage. It’s too fierce! Truly worthy of an emperor! Tianming's heart blazed. That kind of power fluctuated greatly and was extremely unstable, with many unexpected variables. It was also still uncertain if he could survive under the attacks of a foundationeer.

“But at least I now have the qualifications to change my destiny!” At that moment, the Sun burned and tens of trillions of people surged with fighting spirit, and Tianming was no longer a single individual! He was a world, a sanctuary for his people, and the embodiment of nova source! His body bore the will of tens of trillions.

"Offend my sun, and both gods and demons shall perish!"

Omnisentient power turned his weakness, his cultivation level, into his strongest asset. Fortunately, his Order Relic Universal Body could endure the power. Cosmic cartography had brought him a long-awaited miracle! He hadn't expected that a breakthrough in his stage could bring him so much at this moment.

"Phew...." He took a deep breath, returning from excitement to calm.

"The Grand-Orient Sword?" When he held his black and gold sword, his cosmoforce and omnisentient power poured in. His enhanced orders, as well as the divine and heavenly wills of the people, all helped him. They formed a new resonance with the imperial sword from the Primordial God-Emperor. The resonance was especially strong for his imperial order.

Tianming closed his eyes. His caelum followed the vast power pouring into the sword. Inside it, in front of the transparent and concealed colorless gate, a total of nine cosmic impulses floated in the sky, Vapor Lightning and Flint Infernal Impulse among their number. Those two cosmic impulses had divine patterns that formed natural formations, allowing them to generate much power.

But for him, that was far from enough. Two cosmic impulses were only enough to allow the Grand-Orient Sword to reach the level of an ether-class artifact. The Sword in the Forest was infinitum-class, and the Primordial Demonshade brought by Li Fan was at the level of a fortuna-class artifact!

Tianming wasn’t used to other artifacts, so even though its power was weak, he wasn't willing to abandon the Grand-Orient Sword.

"I remember these nine cosmic impulses were formed after the Grand-Orient Sword merged with the sword from the Mysterium Cluster.” That was all the way back when he had defeated the Sun Emperor! Now, more than twenty years had passed and Tianming had still only activated two cosmic impulses. Even the Vapor Lightning Impulse had been automatically activated last time when he’d approached the infinitum-class, and wasn’t opened by Tianming himself!

And now, after becoming a cosmic cartographer, when the immense power entered the Grand-Orient Sword and reached a certain magnitude, he clearly felt that the remaining seven cosmic impulses had actually loosened at the same time.

"There's a chance!" His eyes lit up. Without saying a word, he activated all the power in his body, pouring it into the Grand-Orient Sword. With his imperial order as the lead, they rushed toward the remaining seven cosmic impulses. 𝒻𝓻𝘦𝑒𝓌𝑒𝓫𝓷𝑜𝓋𝘦𝓵.𝓬𝘰𝓂

Each of the seven huge cosmic impulses had slightly different high-level nova source power!

"Continue!" Tianming tightly gripped the Grand-Orient Sword, drawing the power of an emperor and the people into the sword. They repeatedly stabbed at the cosmic impulses.

To Tianming's great joy, the third cosmic impulse, after Vapor Lightning and Flint infernal, opened! It was like golden quicksand, dazzling and rolling. As the grains of sand rubbed against each other, they let out a continuous and piercing friction sound. It was the Auric Source Impulse.

Before Tianming could celebrate, the fourth cosmic impulse was also released. It was a deep blue torrent that was bone-chillingly cold. It was the Frost Sky Impulse.

"Could it be that, today, all nine cosmic impulses of the Grand-Orient Sword will open, completing it?" Just as Tianming had that incredible thought, inside the Grand-Orient Sword, almost all the remaining cosmic impulses loosened at the same time!

With five consecutive booms, the remaining five cosmic impulses rushed out, merging with the previously unlocked cosmic impulses and forming a torrent of cosmic impulses that swept through the Grand-Orient Sword. The nine shining stars on the sword's body were filled with overwhelming power!

Flint Infernal, Vapor Lightning, Auric Source, Frost Sky, Tide Break, Vast Mountain, Hadean Soul, Snow Trail, and Morph Wood Impulses! The nine cosmic impulses easily gathered into sword ki, like nine divine dragons revolving around the Grand-Orient Sword. The Grand-Orient Sword shone as it emanated absolute majesty!

In terms of hardness, it had always been outstanding. What it lacked was the destructive power brought by cosmic impulses, which was the fundamental power of a cosmic artifact. Therefore, even though the Grand-Orient Sword hadn't produced an artifact spirit yet, with the enhancement of nine cosmic impulses, its killing power had definitely soared by several levels.

Tianming swung the sword. His cosmoforce, omnisentient power, and the power of the nine cosmic impulses converged into a nine-colored sword ki and shot out. The divine might of that sword ki was much stronger than before.

"It should be stronger than the infinitum-class Sword in the Forest!" Tianming's eyes were burning as he looked at the Grand-Orient Sword in his hand. It indeed hadn’t disappointed him.

"It might even be stronger than the Primordial Demonshade brought by Li Fan in my master’s hands. It’s a fortuna-class artifact!" A fortuna-class artifact was enough to threaten infinitum-class ships.

Among the experts of Myriadpath Valley and Intrepidus, the only ones that likely possessed a trump card capable of breaking astralships were Mister Taihe and Demoness Yin. Other foundationeers probably wouldn’t have one. After all, fortuna-class artifacts were top treasures, almost comparable in value to infinitum-class astralships.

"The enhancement of the Grand-Orient Sword will also boost my combat power and lethal damage. This is great!" He had risen up in the world! "And everything was actually the result of integrating a fragment of the Grand-Orient Sword from the Mysterium Cluster. If this can be considered a fortuna-class artifact, I wonder how incredible the Grand-Orient Sword will become after bringing the infinitum stele back to it?"

At the moment, Tianming had caught up in terms of strength and weapons. Moreover, his sword arts, totem, lifebound beasts, and wonders didn’t seem to be lacking, either.

"The only thing I lack is a foundationeer’s foundation fortress. However, I have the Order Relic Universal Body, which can offset that weakness." At that moment, Tianming saw real hope in fighting a foundationeer. Even if it was just a glimmer of hope, it made his eyes burn.

A first-level cosmic cartographer confronting a foundationeer wasn’t a miracle, but an ancient myth.

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