As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills

Chapter 395 - 395 Wu Hen Faces Ying Sha
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395 Wu Hen Faces Ying Sha

When Ying Sha thought of this, he immediately sneaked into a cultivation estate.

A Qi Refinement Realm cultivator was meditating when a line of blood suddenly appeared on his neck.

Without feeling any pain, he died.

Half a day later, someone came in to look for him and discovered his corpse. He immediately turned pale with fright and wanted to run away. However, when he turned his head, he realized that a pitch-black shadow had stood up.



His lifeless body fell to the ground.

At the same time, in a forest, the two parties were in a stalemate. One of them was a team from the Fire Lotus Valley, while the other was a team from the Cloud Dream Sect!

“Haha! You guys are inner-sect disciples from the Cloud Dream Sect. If we kill you this time, it will be amazing. The higher-ups will definitely reward us greatly!”

On the side of the Fire Lotus Valley, a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator could not help but smile.

In the Cloud Dream Sect, a man and a woman had ugly expressions on their faces. They were siblings from the inner sect of the Cloud Dream Sect. They had a high and extraordinary status. This time, they had come down the mountain to participate in the battle with the Fire Lotus Valley.

In the end, they were ambushed as soon as they descended the mountain, and nearly half of their men died!

Damn it!

At this moment, Li Mengxue clenched her fists tightly and looked at her elder brother. “We can’t stay here for long!”

Her elder brother, Li Jianming, shook his head and said, “If you want to leave, you should leave. How can I stand to see my sister being hurt? Leave immediately. I’ll cover your retreat. It’s not like I’ve never killed a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator before!”

This Li Jianming’s cultivation was not weak. He had reached the peak of the Qi Refinement Realm. With all kinds of techniques and magical tools, he had once killed a cultivator in the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. If he could break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, he would be considered a top genius in the Cloud Dream Sect.

“Hehehe, none of you will leave today!”

The Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator of the Fire Lotus Valley was about to charge forward. However, his heart trembled in the next moment as he stared in another direction.

A black-robed man walked out.

“Who is it? We’re from the Fire Lotus Valley; get lost!” a Fire Lotus Valley cultivator shouted angrily, appearing extremely arrogant.

Right now, the Fire Lotus Valley had the upper hand and had already ruled over half of Xiaoqian Mountain.

Even the Cloud Dream Sect was nothing, let alone this unranked individual cultivator.

The entire place was deathly silent.

The Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators of the Fire Lotus Valley swallowed their saliva and knelt on the ground, leaving countless people dumbfounded.

Li Jianming’s expression was also particularly ugly. His master was a great expert in the Void Core Realm and was only half a step away from the Golden Core Realm.

Therefore, his perception was naturally extraordinary. He could tell the general strength of this black-robed man at a glance.

“He’s at least from the Void Core Realm or the Golden Core Realm!”

In the world of immortal cultivation, those who could reach the Foundation Establishment Realm were called Spirit Masters, and those who reached the Golden Core Realm were called Grandmasters.

As for the higher-level Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, they were even more extraordinary. They were respectfully addressed as Perfected Cultivators, and the best among them could even obtain the title of Supreme.

There was no lack of Golden Core Realm Grandmasters in the Cloud Dream Sect. However, they were all big shots. They had never seen them before. Thus, how could they have thought that a Golden Core realm Grandmaster would actually appear in the battle between the two sides?

“Is he here to help the Cloud Dream Sect?” Li Mengxue asked in a low voice. Li Jianming shook his head. It was impossible!

This person’s aura was too dark. He was definitely not a Cloud Dream Sect cultivator!

Was he an individual cultivator here?

Since when did a Golden Core Realm Grandmaster appear among the individual cultivators of Xiaoqian Mountain?

It was also at this moment that Ying Sha spoke.

“Have you seen a person named Zhang Shan?”

Zhang Shan?

Everyone’s heart trembled.

Zhang Shan was feared around these parts. After all, everyone had heard about how powerful he was in the Black Rock Ruins.

Was Zhang Shan in Xiaoqian Mountain?


Ying Sha’s voice was exceptionally hoarse, yet it also appeared very cold.

However, the crowd had never seen Zhang Shan before. They were about to shake their heads, which made Ying Sha especially unhappy.

“Since you don’t know, then die!”

The next second, Ying Sha was about to attack and kill the people in front of him, causing the eyes of the people from the Fiery Lotus Valley and the Cloud Dream Sect to tremble. Were they going to die here?


In the distance, a powerful aura spread out.

“What majestic blood Qi!”

Countless cultivators were shocked. No one had expected that there would be such a martial arts expert in Xiaoqian Mountain!

Ying Sha also looked over abruptly.

“Is that aura at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm of martial arts? No, it’s still rising! The people in Xiaoqian Mountain are all individual cultivators. Moreover, they are all immortal cultivators who cultivate the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. For such a powerful martial artist to suddenly appear, I’m afraid it’s Zhang Shan without a doubt!”

Ying Sha was rather impatient to go and search for him. However, the next moment, he was stopped.

“You want to kill my master, right? Let me fight you!”

A figure appeared. It was Wu Hen.

His aura was restrained, and he looked no different from an ordinary mortal.

However, Ying Sha raised his eyebrows slightly.

“You dare stop me at the Void Core Realm?”

Although he was only in the Void Core Realm, he came from the Network and possessed unimaginably powerful methods. Coupled with his identity as an assassin, he could kill his opponent by surprise.

Under the same level, he was almost an invincible existence!

How dare the person in front of him try to stop him!

Wu Hen’s expression was calm.

He naturally knew that he was no match for this person. However, over the past year, he had been constantly breaking through his cultivation base. With the help of his master, his cultivation base and battle prowess were already extraordinary.

Now, he could use this person to temper himself!

The other thing was to buy enough time for his master. He absolutely could not let any problems occur in his master’s breakthrough and advancement.

“Let’s fight!”

Without any nonsense, Wu Hen flicked his wrist and a long spear appeared. This was the main weapon he had used since he entered the world of immortal cultivation. It was more convenient and powerful than before.

Although Ying Sha was filled with disdain, he also understood that Zhang Shan’s background was extraordinary. The person beside him must also be extraordinary.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll kill you first, then take Zhang Shan’s life! Die!”


The battle was about to start!

* * *

At the same time, Jiang Ming finally completed the refinement of the True Martial Foundation Establishment Divine Pill.

“Next, I can reconstruct my cultivation base and take my martial arts foundation a step further and approach perfection!”

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