Chapter 1479 A Disappointing Twist
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1479 A Disappointing Twist

Castor's smile froze for a moment, but he still maintained the smile, "I thought you were going to join the tournament, Mr. Tang Shaoyang. Are you perhaps out already?"

Tang Shaoyang waved his hand, "Not interested. What about you? Ah, I forgot. You lost." Castor managed to enter the top 32 and lost not long ago. He genuinely forgot, and did not mean to mock Castor for losing.

'You have to be careful around him. If he can prevent the other participants from inviting you to a party. This guy must have a deep background, and he may be one of your strongest rivals. Someone like him will hunt you instead of hunting the Calamity outside the city.' Zara The Goddess of Death warned Tang Shaoyang.

"Between those four, who do you think will win?" Agnes changed the topic. She was sitting between Castor and Tang Shaoyang. It would make her comfortable to hear both arguing next to her. She changed the topic that might interest the two as well as her interest.

"Don't know. I don't know them and with this restricted fight, it would be harder to judge who will win," Tang Shaoyang threw the dried flying squid into his mouth as he watched the last four participants enter the arena. The final was about to start.

His neighbor was discussing that Eson would win the match. Sharing their wisdom of how strong this Eson guy was. As if they knew Eson in person. And he remembered Castor lost to Eson.

'If Eson wins the whole tournament, he would not be ashamed to lose to this Eson dude?' That was what he thought. Those were just weird thoughts he had while listening to them. It was just that hard for him not to think of Castor negatively.

'What's wrong with me? I don't remember being this petty?'

"Eson Artus Figueroa is our fifth party member," Agnes suddenly said.

That explained why the four favored Eson. And the weird thing was that he did not ask, but Agnes told him, 'Is she trying to tell me that they got someone stronger than him for their party member?'

Tang Shaoyang shook his head and took out a bottle of Scorched Beer. It took him a while to convince the barkeeper for him to take out the drink and the snack. He took a gulp of the beer and put the bottle back into his inventory.

He noticed Agnes wanted to say something after he drank the beer. But he immediately pointed toward the arena, "The final starts. Please let me focus on watching."

The final format was quite interesting. The four final participants immediately fight in the arena. It was the last man standing format where the last person on the stage won first place. It was a unique format for a tournament for sure, and it allowed the remaining participants to work together.

He immediately noticed three participants were exchanging glances. Even though no words were spoken, he could tell they were talking with their eyes. Eson Artus Figueroa, Galez Cesar Torres, and Alderoi Alder Acevedo were the three people.

Tang Shaoyang understood why the three might want to work together to fight Uruwakan. Uruwakan was the famed participant who blasted his opponent's head. That was right, this Uruwakan was the same person whom he watched in the Tenth Arena.

'He might win the whole tournament if he could blast those three heads at the same time.'

Just as he expected, the three ganged up against Uruwakan. The first one to take charge was Galez Cesar Torres followed by Eson and Alderoi. They were moving toward Uruwakan.

Tang Shaoyang expected a fierce and prolonged battle if the three managed to take down the head popper. But the three seemed to underestimate the head popper as Uruwakan managed to pop Galez Cesar's head.

Galez was still six meters away from Uruwakan, and his head exploded. The headless body fell forward. The first one to get eliminated was Galez. The spectators thought Galez might have a way to protect himself from the head popper since he took the charge. But the result was disappointing.

The surprise was not over. A few seconds after Galez's headless body fell, a twist happened on the back line. Alderoi's spear pierced through Eson's chest. That was right, Alderoi stabbed Eson from behind.

"Woah!" The whole stadium was surprised by the betrayal.

"I surrender! I surrender!" Eson made the right decision. As soon as he fell on his knees, he immediately yelled surrender. He did not snap at Alderoi for the betrayal and that saved his life. It was clear that Alderoi tried to kill Eson if not for the referee's quick action. The referee appeared between Eson and Alderoi, stopping Alderoi.

A barrage of curses followed afterward. Eson could not accept the betrayal and cursed Alderoi. The spectators also echoed in agreement as the whole stadium booed Alderoi.

Even Tang Shaoyang was disappointed with how the final went. He expected to be entertained with an intense and close battle. But the final was ruined by the devious scheme from Alderoi. The four-way final turned into one Vs one final.

Castor and his friends were also furious with the tournament. They could not stop shouting and cursing next to him.

The final would be shorter than he expected. Tang Shaoyang checked the time, and it was still four hours until the trial started. Since it was one Vs one final, the fight would not last that long.

'At most thirty minutes.' He predicted. That meant he was there three and a half hours before the trial. When he thought the fight would continue, the head popper ended the battle. That just put the nail into the coffin. Uruwakan made an enemy of the whole stadium with how the tournament ended.

"I surrender!"

That was right, Uruwakan the Head Popper surrendered instead of continuing the fight against Alderoi Alder Acevedo. He did not pop Alderoi's head to end the final, but by surrendering. Just like that, the final for the tournament was over in less than a minute with no fight.

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