Apocalypse Chaos - I am the villain

Chapter 202 Hikaru and Rina...
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Chapter 202 Hikaru and Rina...

"You… you…" Rina pointed at Laylah, while stammering: "Shameless, lecherous… you are humiliating women."

"Please…" Laylah smiled contemptuously: "If arrogance and respect can help fill my stomach at this time, then I don't need to rely on him."

"So… Rina, you're so arrogant, maybe you don't need these things, right?"

"You don't need water to drink, you don't need food, you don't need warm water to bathe in, right?"

"Take your arrogance and sleep on the street, girl. The way you look at life seems a bit simple."

"If you don't like it, you can get out of here, I don't welcome you either. Consider the services you just enjoyed were something I gave you as alms."

"AAA!!! Bitch, don't think that just because you can sleep with him, you have the right to speak to me like that." Rina suddenly shouted: "I thought you were a police officer and your self-esteem was very high. I was wrong. You are just like those two whores, selling your body in exchange for a little food."

"Even if I starve to death, I don't need his alms."


Laylah suddenly swung her hand and slapped Rina, the slap was so strong that she fell on the ground.

Of course Laylah also limited her strength, otherwise, Rina would not only fall on the ground, as her head would have also fallen off her neck.

Narik saw this and silently gave Laylah a thumbs up: 'Nice. There's nothing more comforting than seeing someone you hate being beaten.'

'Hahaha... beauty, beat her a little more, at least beat her beauty away, then she won't be arrogant anymore.'

"You dare hit me?!" Rina shouted: "You… you…"

"If you dare say another word, I will break your teeth." Laylah's voice was extremely cold, like a devil coming out of hell.

Rina took a deep breath in fear, not daring to say anything.

Laylah suddenly glanced at Narik, her eyes full of scrutiny as she looked at him from top to bottom.

Narik was not afraid when he felt Laylah looking at him. On the contrary, he puffed out his chest, revealing his perfect muscles for her to see.

'Woman, you don't need to look so closely, maybe you'll get a closer look later, hahahaha…'

Clap! Clap! Clap!

"Looks like I missed a good show." Hikaru clapped his hands as he walked into the living room, his face carrying a somewhat mysterious smile.

He came next to Laylah, wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her: "I'm here now, did you miss me?"

Laylah blushed, leaned her head on his shoulder, and spoke while smiling shyly: "Of course I remember, look, the girl you've been waiting for has come. If I hit her, will you be angry?"

Hikaru: "…"

In his heart, he really felt afraid of Laylah. She is better than most of Hollywood's top actors, but with her acting skills and beauty she still became a police officer.

He felt like the Oscars really owed Laylah an award

"Hahahaha…" Hikaru laughed loudly: "No, of course I'm not angry with you. I'm just afraid that you'll dirty your hands by hitting her. what! Have you beaten her enough? If that's not enough, keep hitting her."

"Huh! How dare I hit the lover of your dreams." Laylah suddenly pouted, her eyes were wet as if she was about to cry: "Anyway, you only want my body, you don't love me at all."

Hikaru: "…"

'Second sister, you are my second sister. Do you need to act to this extent? If people didn't know me, they'll think that I'm someone who used money to force you to sleep with me.'

Hikaru felt a bit of a headache. Laylah was good at everything, but she was too smart, so smart that sometimes it made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Okay, stop joking." Hikaru waved his hand and slapped Laylah's butt.

"Ack… um… Don't do that, there are still people here right now."

"Hahaha… last night you said you wanted to do it in another room, so why do you feel shy now?"

"You…" Laylah smiled shyly, while lightly hitting his chest: "I mean… i did it when no one was here, but now both your first love and another man is here, we … let's wait until evening."

"Hahahaha… okay, of course." Hikaru smiled and said: "This person is..."

Narik saw Hikaru's eyes and immediately said: "My name is Narik, I'm just Rina'sc companion, i have nothing to do with her."

Narik showed a friendly smile. As he spoke to Hikaru he was not too arrogant or timid.

However, in his heart he secretly judged Hikaru a lot: 'Damn it! Does he look any better than me?'

'Is he more handsome than me? Do you think you are a king because you have a good shelter?'

'In his body there is only a little magical energy, not even half that of Velys.'

'But at least he has outstanding physical strength. Hahaha, no matter how strong his physical strength is, in the future, he still won't have any foundation to be able to fight magicians.'

'I... can definitely win against him. No, I can defeat him, and kill him easily. As long as I reach level 5, I can crush him like an ant.'

'Hikaru, I'll let you dance for a while, wait a little longer, you don't even have the right to kneel in front of me and beg me to spare your life.'

Hikaru frowned at Narik, his eyes seemed to be thinking about something, suddenly he showed a mysterious smile.

Laylah saw Hikaru's smile and immediately looked towards Narik, she also had some strange thoughts in her heart.

"Hikaru!" Rina?shouted: "You let your whore hit me?"

"Ah! Look, Rina, what do you want me to do? Hit her to calm your anger?" Hikaru smiled and said.

"That's right! Beat her, beat her to death, otherwise, I will never pay attention to you again!" Rina shouted like a crazy person.

Her hands clasped the cheek that Laylah slapped, her cheek imprinted with Laylah's?hand.

Hikaru glanced at Laylah: "Oy! She wants me to beat you to death, what should I do now?"

Laylah bowed her head, her face extremely pitiful and sad as she spoke: "If you want to beat me to death, I can only stay silent and accept it."

"After all, she is your first love, and I am just a lustful woman who came to you only because you have a safe place where I can hide from zombies."

Hikaru sighed: "Sigh... Rina, you see how pitiful she is, there's no need to beat her to death."

"But…" He suddenly stroked Laylah's hair, his expression extremely despicable: "Tonight I can beat her to death in another way."

Laylah rested her head on Hikaru's chest, her face as red as embers: "Hikaru, you... don't do that, yesterday you tired me to death. If it continues today, I'm afraid..."

"Hahaha… don't worry, then I'll be gentle with you tonight." He said while gently kissing Laylah's hair.

"You… you… vile, lecherous thing." Rina trembled and pointed towards Hikaru and Laylah: "Go and die!"

Narik also clenched his fist at this scene, he was so angry that his eyes looked like they were about to spit fire.

'Damn it! That's my woman! My lady! She… she's dirty. This whore…'

'Calm down! Calm down! I can fix everything later, no need to worry.'

Hikaru paid no attention to Rina, as his whole attention since the beginning was focused on Narik.

He grinned and smiled contemptuously: "Rina, when I chased you and flirted with you before, you looked down on me. What are you here for now? Sorry, I'm not interested in you anymore."

Hearing that, Rina felt a bit embarrassed, and she did not dare to look him straight in the eyes as she spoke: "It's because... at that time I needed to focus on studying, and i couldn't... couldn't care about other issues."

"Ah! Good, so are you not focusing on your studies now?"

"Right now… I…"

"Rina, tell me, what are you here for?"

Rina gritted her teeth, thought for a long time, then said: "I want to be here, if you... if you allow me to be here, I can accept you pursuing me."

'But... but I will just accept you flirting me, as I won't sell my body cheaply like those girls.'

Hikaru looked at Rina, the atmosphere fell silent, after a while, Hikaru burst out laughing.

"Hahahaha… hahahaha… Rina, you amuse me hahahaha…"

"What…what do you mean?" Rina shouted.

"Hahaha… Rina, do you think I'm an idiot?"

"This… I…"

"Huh!" Hikaru snorted in contempt: "Do you think I'm a dog? Do you think that if you wave your hand, I'll come, and if you send me back, I'll have to go back to the doghouse?"

"Rina, look closely at reality. Now you are nothing more than a beggar who is begging for my mercy."

"I think you would have changed, I thought by now you would no longer be arrogant and would have accepted reality."

"Do you think I have enough food to serve you? Do you think I have enough water for you to bathe in?"

"Wake up, Rina. This is reality, this is the end of the world, not a place where you continue to be a princess."

"You will give me a chance to pursue you? Hahahaha… this is the funniest thing I've heard since the apocalypse happened."

"Rina, even if you take off your clothes and lie on a bed now, I may not want to touch you."

"Look at Laylah, Aiko and Velys, they are all more beautiful than you, more useful than you and more obedient than you. And you, what do you have now?"

Rina clenched her teeth, tears?flowing out of her eyes like two streams.

"I give you two options, you can stay here, but you have to work. Just like Aiko, be my servant, my slave."

"Or… you can go away. After all, I used to flirt with you, I will give you some food, but next time, if I see you…"

Hikaru suddenly changed his attitude, his voice was so cold that it made Rina and Narik tremble: "The next time I see you, I will rape you and throw you to the zombies, do you understand?"

Rina shivered, she no longer looked at Hikaru with contempt?instead her eyes were now filled with fear, as she was unable to recognize the person who once pursued her.

Rina suddenly thought of a scenario. If... if she had accepted him at that time, would her life now be the same as the girls around him?

No! Surely her life would?even be better because he actively flirted with her.

As for the other girls, Velys, Laylah, and Aiko, they were all girls who proactively took off their clothes and climbed into his bed.

But… in this world there is no medicine for regret.

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