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Chapter 61

Ye Yun glared at him with blood-red eyes. “Yang Chen, stop talking nonsense. Tonight, I’ll kill you. Do you think you can escape?”

With a wave of his hand, blood-red pillars of light rose around the courtyard, sealing off the outside world, even blocking the starlight. The area was completely isolated.

“You’ve set up a formation to seal space? Such formation techniques are beyond even Soul Transformation realm cultivators, perhaps only comprehensible to a Void Refinement cultivator,” Yang Chen remarked, impressed.

Indeed, Ye Yun was a Void Refinement cultivator with many techniques, including space-locking formations.

“So don’t think about escaping,” Ye Yun said coldly. “Tonight, you will die a horrible death. I’ll refine you into a blood pill and extract your soul to quench my rage.”

“Is that so?” Yang Chen smirked. When had he ever said he would flee? Despite Ye Yun’s Late-stage Nascent Soul aura, Yang Chen felt no need to run. Not to mention the Soul Cult cultivator Yan Jiu, his own power could easily kill Ye Yun. After all, Ye Yun was just a soul body, while Yang Chen was a genuine Mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator with extraordinary abilities.

But Ye Yun still had 2000 luck points—killing him outright seemed a waste.

“Yun’er, your killing intent is overwhelming, your appearance terrifying. As an elder, I must subdue you first!” Yang Chen declared righteously.

“Subdue me?” Ye Yun sneered. This bastard dared to boast at death’s door. Just a Nascent Soul? He underestimated the mighty Void Refinement cultivator!

“Enough talk, die!” Ye Yun’s body glowed darkly as he struck with a black palm imprint towards Yang Chen.

“Brother Chen, be careful!” Leng Yuyan cried, trying to help Yang Chen. But before the black palm imprint could land, it was incinerated by a layer of blue flame.

“Is that … a Primordial Fire?” Ye Yun’s voice trembled with fear. He hadn’t expected Yang Chen to possess such a fire. Dammit, he was a soul body specializing in the Asura Path—Primordial Fire was his nemesis!

“No, even if you have Primordial Fire, you must die today!” Ye Yun’s face twisted with determination as he prepared to strike again.

A demonic shadow suddenly appeared—a colossal figure towering over a hundred feet, holding a black demon mountain. An oppressive force enveloped Ye Yun, filling him with deep-seated fear.

“What is this? An Heavenly Ancient Demon Clan’s technique? Impossible!” Ye Yun’s terror was soul-deep.

“Devil Mountain Suppressing World!” Yang Chen shouted. The 36 Heavenly Demon Stone Carving Techniques! He had previously mastered the Axe Splitting Chaos Carving and recently the Devil Mountain Suppressing World Carving, preparing it specifically for Ye Yun.

“Suppress!” Yang Chen commanded. The towering demon mountain descended.

“Dammit!” Ye Yun roared, his body glowing with a dark light that painted the sky, trying to resist the descending mountain.

But it was futile. The mountain wasn’t just a mountain but a manifestation of sealing and suppressing power. Ye Yun felt his soul power weakening rapidly under this force. He wanted to escape but couldn’t. He could only watch as the mountain pressed down.

With a thunderous crash, the mountain pinned Ye Yun to the ground. The virtual mountain shrank, solidifying into a person-sized stone stele with the word “Suppress” carved on it, trapping Ye Yun beneath it. His face pale, his mouth bleeding, his aura weak.

“Damn you, who are you? Why do you know the supreme arts of the Heavenly Ancient Demon Clan?” Ye Yun rasped.

Yang Chen paused, intrigued.

The Heavenly Ancient Demon Clan? This Void Refinement soul must know something. But no matter, once Yan Jiu devours him, he could extract all this information.

Yang Chen intensified the suppression, silencing Ye Yun’s hoarse, grating shouts.

“Brother Chen!” Leng Yuyan approached, her eyes wide with shock. Ye Yun had shown Late-stage Nascent Soul power, yet Brother Chen had subdued him in one move. That demonic shadow was overwhelmingly powerful. She had thought herself closer to Brother Chen’s level upon reaching Nascent Soul, but his strength far surpassed hers, able to easily suppress Late-stage Nascent Soul.

“Yuyan!” Yang Chen embraced her, speaking softly. “Yun’er is in a bad state. I’ll keep him suppressed to erase his murderous aura. Tomorrow, we’ll question him.”

“Yes, I’ll follow your lead, Brother Chen,” Leng Yuyan agreed, her eyes sad as she looked at the suppressed Ye Yun. His behavior had proven one thing: her Yun’er might really have been possessed. Only Brother Chen’s embrace gave her solace now.

Yang Chen broke the formation, revealing the starry sky, then said, “Let’s go back to rest, Yuyan. There’s still time before dawn. We’ve been cultivating without rest.”

“Yes,” Leng Yuyan nestled into his arms as they returned to the room. Shortly after, suppressed sounds emanated again.

Damn it, Yang Chen, you bastard! You truly deserve death! Ye Yun raged silently, unable to speak due to the intensified suppression. All he could do was curse Yang Chen in his mind.

But it was to no avail.

Curse that wretched bastard!

I cannot accept this, I utterly refuse!

Yang Chen, I must end your life! I must kill you, without fail!

Though unable to speak, Ye Yun’s hearing was extremely acute.

No matter how faint the sound, he could discern it with crystal clarity.

His heart brimmed with fury, yet anguish rendered him speechless.

At last, rage overwhelmed him, a bitterness welled in his throat, and he retched violently, spewing forth a mouthful of fresh blood.

The force of his emotions left him lightheaded, slipping into unconsciousness.


[Ding! Host has deeply humiliated Ye Yun, seizing 800 points of Providence Luck. Host has gained 800 VPs!]

Yang Chen’s lips curled into a slight smile as he glanced out the window. 800 VPs—it seemed Ye Yun was truly doomed. After all, the same actions earlier had rewarded him 2000 points.

The next day, as Yang Chen woke, many people arrived at Mingyue Peak, including the Qingling Sect Master and several Nascent Soul elders. Upon seeing Yang Chen, they immediately bowed and greeted him.

“Greetings, Holy Son!”

Yang Chen waved his hand and asked, “Why are you here?”

The Qingling Sect Master held several image stones. “Holy Son, please take a look!”

He infused true qi into the image stones, projecting a series of images.

“Ye Yun slaughtered dozens of fellow disciples! After each kill, he refined their blood into pills, rapidly increasing his power! And he often referred to himself as the Venerable Cangchen!”

Yang Chen had praised Yan Jiu’s skills the night before, and they were indeed impressive. The images on the stones were very clear, and Ye Yun’s voice was clearly audible.

“Holy Son, the mysterious soul you’ve been searching for is Ye Yun! This Venerable Cangchen has possessed him!” the Qingling Sect Master said gravely.

Watching the clear images and hearing Ye Yun call himself the Venerable Cangchen, Leng Yuyan’s face turned deathly pale. It was exactly as she had feared—Yun’er had indeed been possessed!

“Yuyan!” Yang Chen comforted her softly. “Don’t be too sad.”

“Brother Chen, I’m fine,” Leng Yuyan replied bitterly, looking at the suppressed Ye Yun with growing murderous intent. Though a soul possession could merge with the host’s memories and emotions, Yun’er was no longer Yun’er. Her nephew had been killed by this Venerable Cangchen. She felt guilty, having failed to protect her sister’s only bloodline.

“Brother Chen, what do you plan to do with him?” Leng Yuyan asked.

Yang Chen thought for a moment and said with difficulty, “Since Yun’er has been possessed, then I …”

“I understand, Brother Chen!” Leng Yuyan said calmly. “If Yun’er has been possessed, then this Ye Yun is no longer Yun’er. Don’t worry about my feelings.”

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