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Chapter 52: The DemonTree Supports the Sky, and the King of God Sets Down

Forget it, Wo Ping didn’t want to. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. Anyway, they were all ordinary people, rich all their lives, and when they were a rich family, they spent endless money to let them practice the trumpet. As for the so-called affection, Wu Ping really didn’t feel that way. He couldn’t understand it.

It was late at night. Wu Ping’s bed was cold, and it didn’t look like anyone had slept in it. That was right, he was back in the doomsday world. The magic tree did not need to be watered. It could survive as long as it had aura, flesh, and blood. Wu Ping sat under the magic tree, leaning on Xu Feifei’s soft body. Next to him, Cao Ke kept handing over the zombie crystal nucleus.

Isn’t life like this? Simple and comfortable. Reluctantly invincible in this world.

Then he had to return to the Immortal Cultivation Realm to work for the demon tree to earn spirit stones. Huh… While sighing in his heart, he threw the two thousand spirit stones in the storage ring to the demon tree. It’s so happy.

And unknowingly, the shape of the magic tree had also changed. It seemed to have the power to protect itself. The sharp rhizomes, like dozens of flexible tentacles, could be used at will. On the branches of the tree, there were still white skeletons hanging. The emotions conveyed to Wu Ping were like a child playing with his favourite toys.

Skull as a toy? What kind of underworld toy is this… If anyone’s child is like this, his parents will have to worry about it.

Moreover, the magic tree grew quickly, and the spirit stones went down last time. When he came back, it had grown to about ten meters. But it was still bare. The golden bags on his body were not opened either. There were a lot of branches. As the spirit stones were sucked dry one by one, the second leaf bag slowly unfolded under Wu Ping’s gaze at this moment. As the second leaf package unfolds, in Wu Ping’s sea of knowledge, immortal sounds were curling, slowly surrounding. Behind him was a towering tree shadow covering the sky and the sun. A gentle force pushed away Cao Ke and the three of them.

The people of the entire base saw this strange situation. Wu Ping’s body slowly lifted, his hands spread out. Two contradictory feelings rose in the hearts of all gazers. Terrifying, sublime, evil, holy, the body trembled constantly because of involuntary fear and uncontrollably wanted to worship Wu Ping in the air. Take a closer look, under the shadow of the tree that supported the sky, there was a figure with a face that couldn’t be seen clearly, sitting on a golden throne.

Leaning on his hands lazily and casually. Wu Ping in the air seemed to understand, he seemed to have awakened something incredible. Perhaps it was not himself but what the magic tree brought him. This feeling was as if the League of Legends had reached the sixth level and had a big move, and the poisonous milk powder level 50 opened the great awakening. 𝔣𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝔪

The magic tree that had been raised for so long finally brought something different to Wu Ping. The magic tree supported the sky, and the god-king was seated!

It is out of phase, it is the body of law. It is Wu Ping’s new whole card!

“With this thing, the spirit Garden will be held in a few days…” “Kill them all!”

At this moment, Wu Ping understood the true horror of this demon tree. At the same time, he also became curious about the person who created the Eternal Demon Green Technique and what kind of person could create such a perverted technique. It was no exaggeration to say that once this unfolded, those weaker than average would lose the ability to resist on the spot, and those stronger than average would also weaken according to their strength.

This was simply a super buff that gave Wu Ping a leapfrog challenge. And this was still something produced by the young magic tree. What will it bring if raised again to one hundred meters, kilometres, ten thousand meters, and even cover the entire Blue Star?

Wu Ping couldn’t imagine. He had read novels and knew about the immortal king in the ninth heaven and the bright moon rising on the sea. But when he really awakened these things, Wu Ping just wanted to say, it’s so handsome!

His harvest was more than that. The original cultivation base of the fourfold ascension of the soul began to explode. The spirit stone was consumed quickly. The five-fold ascension of the soul, the six-fold ascension of the soul, and the seven-fold ascension of the soul! Until it breaks through to the threshold of the eightfold ascension of the soul. Wu Ping stopped, but the price was that the spirit stones were all sucked dry. Not even one was left.

The magic tree continued to convey the emotion of “hunger” to him. Still want? Wu Ping:… “I…” He regretted it a little bit. Wu Ping had already considered whether such a large-scale spirit stone to the magic tree would immortalise the magic tree. As a result, he never expected the change to be so great!

If he could return to the realm of cultivating immortals to break through, regardless of the spirit stone of the magic tree, he might be able to save a little bit and a half!

But those are also hundreds of spirit stones! Wu Ping’s heart hurts! It hurts. It hurts too much!

He sighed in his heart that he was a black sheep, thinking there were so many spirit stones, so he reluctantly squandered it, but it turned out! As a result, it was all gone as soon as it was released. “Grass!” “My family background, it’s all gone.” “It’s okay now. Will you be greedy or not in the future, and won’t you return to the Immortal Cultivation Realm?” “Black sheep!”

Wu Ping cursed at himself in his heart. The light dissipated, and Cao Ke and the others surrounded him, looking at Wu Ping’s face a little bad. Cao Ke stepped forward and shouted softly, “Wu Ping, how are you?”

The frowning brows stretched out. “It’s okay, it’s okay, but I suddenly thought of something. Oh, by the way, these three are storage bags. You can take them and use them when you drop blood. There is a cubic meter of space inside, which can be used to store some things. It’s also convenient.”

Wu Ping took out the storage bag and handed it to them. He already had a larger storage ring. These storage bags were kept or kept, and they couldn’t be sold for a few dollars. It was better to use them for themselves, which would make a better business base.

Dreamy things appeared before the three of them, greatly surprising them. In particular, Cao Ling, out of character, rushed up to hug Wu Ping, her eyes shining, and said: “Brother~. Are you the kind of fairy king described in the novel? You were killed by your subordinates and reincarnated to the Blue Star. You secretly restored your cultivation base and prepared to kill back to the fairy Realm. My sister and I, as well as Sister Feifei, are your urban harem!?”

Snapped. Cao Ling suffered a brain collapse on her head. She clutched her head and shouted coquettishly, “It hurts~.”

“Just know that it hurts. Don’t daydream in broad daylight. I’m still the fairy king. Why don’t you say that I’m the devil, the kind that kills people in the blink of an eye.”

“Ouch, the demon’s brother is in love with me.” Cao Ling started to play tricks again.

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